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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles

Ramblings and thoughts on life, living, situations and the puzzle that is my love and fascination/need of a nice diaper to keep me comforted and dry.

  1. Inexplicable, childish urges.

    They come in waves, usually when I'm in the state I am in now, utter exhaustion. I fight it but it hits me along with the wave of dizziness and a hit of strange stomach sickness:

    The overwhelming desire to drop everything and wet myself.

    I don't know where it comes from but the intensity of this urge pushes everything out of my head--indeed, out of my body. If I am particularly exhausted, I might catch myself dozing off and coming this close to a wetting.
    Tags: diary
  2. The Doze Doozy

    I have a frequent issue when I nap, one that I noticed a few years back, around the same time I got diaper curious for the first time: I leak when I nap.

    I've probably done it for a long time, but never actually noticed it. I can remember several times waking up from a nap and noticing that I was just cold and damp down there, but (fuck me, I was in denial) I thought it was nothing. Well, last night I could not sleep, and for some reason I just did not feel confident at all in my ...
  3. Sometimes I do backslide.

    I sit here, having been awake now for 24 hours. I have a sinus infection and a middle ear infection.

    A few minutes ago I was hit with a familiar anxiety...almost a craving. It rang in my head: Diaper. Diaper. Diaper. I hadn't worn in a week. (Yes, bad for the sheets.) But I suddenly wanted it again. I hemmed and hawed for a while before putting one on. I climbed into bed. I gave my bladder a test shove... and almost immediately found myself wet. With a mental whine of No, I tried ...
    Tags: accidents, diary
  4. Oops, part 3, and Catching Up

    I spent time with a friend recently. It was an overnight stay, and I got a chance to visit the cats too.

    SPEAKING OF, UPDATE: MY cat has been found! Yay!

    Anyway, overnight stay with the friend. I packed PJs and outfits and a comb and all kinds of things and

    I forgot to pack a diaper.

    I looked at my bag nervously. I would be fine, right?

    During the stay, I saw a stash of Poise pads in plain view. I was too chicken to ask ...
    Tags: bedwetter, diary
  5. Oops, part 2

    Last night I dozed off faster than planned. I was exhausted and had no time to really think about what else was going on. I'd dropped my phone on my face three times and had decided to go to sleep before I did it a fourth time.

    Did you notice what I forgot? Because at the time, I didn't.

    So, uh, yeah, I wet the bed a second night in a row.

    Tonight I've made a point of getting into my night diaper right away, so that when it's time to go to bed I don't ...
    Tags: bedwetting, diary
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