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Thread: Something a little different- Nappy Vending Machine Find!

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    Default Something a little different- Nappy Vending Machine Find!

    I was previously on the forum as ukdl94 but I forgot my details so I thought I'd start over :P Have a topic a bit different to usual, not sure it's been covered here before. The other day I found a nappy/diaper vending machine in a changing room- so I thought I'd get a 'changing kit' from the machine and see what it was like. The results? Not exactly as I expected! It dispensed a cardboard tube with 1 nappy, 1 bag and a wipe. However as the pictures show- this is the changing kit that time forgot. Going by the expiry date on the wipe (01/2007) it's probably around 10 years old. Which explains the dust on the plastic tube caps. Can anyone provide an ID on the nappy? Looks like vintage pampers but perhaps it's just a generic brand. (I'll insert pictures when I work out how :P) Plastic backed and with a double leak-guard set-up which I haven't seen before. I know some people on the forum collect vintage/rare things of this kind, so I thought it might be of interest. Pretty neat kit! Makes you wonder how the hell the machine hasn't been re-stocked or whatever since 2007...

    Can someone explain how you upload pics from a computer and include them in a post? I have a couple to put up


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    If you are on a computer, there is a little icon above the text box. The icon is a square to the right hand side and if you hover over it it says "Insert image." I've never done it, but it looks simple from there.

    Where did you find this machine? I'm very surprised to hear such a machine even exists! I would guess that this kind of vending machine was a trial of sorts, and basically the vendor discovered that there was no demand or went out of business or something and just abandoned the machine. The fact that it still has stock is evidence of how small demand is!

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    I used to see these vending machines in mostly womens rooms along with the tampon and maxipad machine. Men get cologne and condoms.UKDL just out of curiosity how much was this kit ? I remember back in the day these things were a 25 or 50 cent thing, I remember them being in Ames and Woolworth stores which are all gone ftom the east coast for many years, although i havent been there for years i aldo remember one being in an old Dunkin Donuts store whrre i used to live.

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    Ikea toilets have or at least had them in the male toilets. I noticed they must have been ancient or foreign as they were branded "Kleenex Huggies" which I'm sure hasnt been used as a brand in the UK for decades.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    1, got a couple more which were equally dusty and had similar expiry dates on the wipes though slightly more recent. Maybe it's rarely used and the new ones go in at the top? I suppose most people have their own stuff with them for changing rooms and don't need to use it. Going by the cleanliness of the room, I doubt it's regularly maintained! It was in the changing room of a department store. Anyone get an ID from these pics?

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    I know in ASDA they stock up on nappies of all sizes in the baby changing room, one time when I needed to toilet and there was a large queue I went into the disabled / baby changing room and there were some right near the door

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKDL93 View Post
    Free to take?
    Yup free to take, as long as there are baby changing facilities at your local store then they should be in there

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