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Thread: Well I finally did it

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    Smile Well I finally did it

    After wearing depends brand for the last 15 years or so I finally bought another brand. Tonight I try tranquility atn diapers. I'm so excited. Had to get size small as that's the only one I could find in a 100 mile radius of my town I usually wear medium but will not be the first time I have worn smaller. Hope they live up to their reputation. Will update tomorrow

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    Hopefully they fit...! I love them. They feel wonderful, really show wetness, make nice crinkly sounds, and hold more than expected. Enjoy them!!

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    They are nice and squishy after the wetting, enjoy yourself!

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    Well when they say small they mean small. Was no way I could fit in them so decided to use them as a booster. Wow even with hole poked in them hardly any escaped into my cover diaper. Was greatly impressed. Will finish out this small pack as boosters and hopefully be able to order my right size online. If the fit is as good as the absorption then I think I have found my new diapers

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    I hope they fit well <3

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    When I am in the mood for disposable diapers I like to switch brands every so often. I like the variety, and trying new things. Getting the right fit though is not a fun task. I find that each brand has a different cut, and fit on me.

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    You can order a sample of medium from there site for just the cost of shipping.

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    Iv been wearing depends maximum protection with tabs for two years now, basically my whole DL side came through lol. Idk what other diaper brands my local grocery stores carry. I know a few but none of them are like the depends with tabs that are all plastic basically. And that's all I like is a full plastic diaper! If anyone knows of any store bought plastic diapers PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! THANKS

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    Depend has just "improved" once again and they are cloth now,time to go premium, so many choices so little time!

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