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Thread: Tru-fit for adults??

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    Default Tru-fit for adults??

    Howdy all you diaper-loving geniuses out there. I figured this would be the best place to ask I there were something similar to the Goodnites Tru-fit "diaper," but in larger sizes. So I know there probably isn't something exactly like it, with its fancy disposable pads and such. But surely there is some other "diaper" which looks like underwear but has a pocket for pads. The coolest thing about the Tru-fit is also that it has standing leak-guards, which are really good at keeping you all nice and dry. That's what I'm looking for. I know there is really light cloth incontinence underwear and boxers floatin about on the web, but I'm looking for something you put your own pad into.


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    I think also suprima does a system like this.

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