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Thread: Abena dilemma

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    Default Abena dilemma

    Im in a dilemma. I can get 22 medium extra abri-form nappies or 14 medium x-plus for 12.xx and 9.xx respectively. Which would you advise me to go for? Quality over quantity, or quantity over quality?

    Thanks for help, and sorry for posting a lot of comparison threads on here, i'm new to the adult nappies part , usually in drynites until recently

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    What do you want them for? What's the intended use...what do you want out of the diaper you choose?

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    I buy the Supers because you get more and you get more out of them. I don't have enough free time to wear during that I will completely use an X-Plus. I don't want to pay for something I won't actually use, so I get the supers. They hold only slightly less, and I'll get more out of them.

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    thanks guys, judging by the poll results, quality is the way to go. Harris, guessing you didn't fill in the poll, but that is avalid point, I don't think I will use them that much to actually see the benefit of the xpluses

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    it looks like dillan221 has already made up his mind but i encourage anybody else in this delima to look here Adult Diaper Review and Testing for a good side by side diaper comparison. In this example the 22 extra (plus) diapers give a total absorbtion of 484 fluid ounces while the 14 x-plus diapers give a total whopping 1050 fluid ounces of absorbtion, almost 4 times as much per diaper. Not just that, but the cost per ounce is 3.4 cents with the extras and only 1.8 with the x-pluses.

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    12.80 / 22 = 58p per diaper
    9.45 / 14 = 68p per diaper

    they're both very good deals, considering the difference in quality. i'd say you should go with the xplusses, and if you want more of them just buy two packs.

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    I've never had Extra... they're supposedly the level between Super and X-plus.

    Both Supers and X-plus are wonderful products... so I don't think you could go wrong with the Extra or the X-plus.

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