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Thread: what the heck happened to diaperbook?

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    Default what the heck happened to diaperbook?

    Okay today I go to and I see that it is down and this is the message that I have got..

    This Website was delivered by LYCOS Webhosting. Unfortunately on the 28.02.2009 LYCOS Webhosting ceased all its activities.
    Your LYCOS Webhosting Team
    So what now for the site? does the administrator know about it? Is this over the rough economy Does any one else get this message who is also on


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    I get it too... Weird, I was on the site just a few days ago.

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    If it's gone forever, that's fine with me. Way too many guys and crotch shots.

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    Ah, now I know what happened. I remember getting an email from Lycos about shutting dowm some ancient free webspace I had gotten from them years ago. The email said they ceased offering webspace completely, and that's what must have happened to diaperbook...the site was erases as Lycos switched off their servers that hosted the page(s).


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    and here I thought that the website was being paid for and not free, oh well my mistake

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