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Thread: Briefs for tiny people?

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    Hello everyone, first thread here! Please bear with me!

    As a petite ABDL, finding adult baby cute diapers seems impossible for me. I wear a size 0 or 00 jeans(23-24 inches) and x-tra small shirts. Which may seem pretty cool considering I can actually fit in some children clothes and underwear. BUT! I am not very keen on wearing pull-ups at all due to the process of actually just pulling it up instead of laying down for the whole changing experience.

    I tried adult medium diapers, Bambino specifically, and it was really really big. There was no way I can wet in it due to the spaces between my legs, otherwise, it was gonna leak like no tomorrow. And the frustrating part is that most reputable adult diapers (and the cutest) only have medium+...???

    I've been looking at Tena Slip Maxi Briefs since they look kinda thick and babyish (And has a small size), I can always add stickers to make it cute. Wondering to those who wear this, how are they?

    Molicare looks too medical also. Please give me recommendations!

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    There are diapers that are made in youth/smaller sizes which vary in size ranges, but might work for you. As well, on the topic of the Molicares; im not an overall fan of the color myself, but I picked up a case when a supplier here had a sale before the holidays and I grew to like them. Not 'babyish' by any stretch but are a pretty good product. Discrete enough to wear out under clothing, but not thin enough to be nothing more then a thin wrapping.

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    you might just be able to change your taping strategy. run the lower tapes AROUND your legs, not in toward each other. (and NOT upward!)

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    Check north shores junior diaper section.

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    Drycare 24/7 has a small size that is plastic backed and thicker.

    Northshore sells youth and small diapers as well.

    Rearz has a small size ABDL style diaper. You can buy them from Bambino but they are quite pricey, but this would probably be the best option available if you have the extra money to buy it.

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    Thanks guys! I actually like most of the brands I was given!

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