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Thread: What's on your hard drive?

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    Default What's on your hard drive?

    I know a lot of you have much more massive storage spaces than I do, but I think how much we dedicate to various things says something about us.

    Still pics: 15gb Its not a lot. Much of it is scanned from old pics of mine, and others Mrs. Maxx took with her Canon when the kids were growing up. We do have a Nikon digital SLR that Mrs. Maxx keeps to herself because she thinks she's the family photographer, even though she has no clue how the thing works.

    Video: Zip. I really do need to get a couple of big drives and archive all the stuff I have on DVD's. A while back I went through all the VHS stuff of the kids and transfered it to DVD, its past time to get that to a more portable and secure backup. Junior probably doesn't want to know that I still have nearly every match he ever wrestled, as well as most of his freshman football games. Some good stuff there, but also some very embarrassing stuff

    Music: This was the impetus for this thread. It crossed my mind to verify that my favorites really are what I thought they were. A quick survey showed 60+gb of music files, broken down as follows:

    8gb Grateful Dead
    2gb Airplane/Starship/Hot Tuna and other spinoffs.
    1gb Chieftains
    1gb Rory Gallagher

    Nothing else approached 1gb, although Hendrix, Doors, and The Rolling Stones had the next largest numbers.

    Gee... ya think I grew up in the 60's? The only surprise to me was half a gig of Jimmy Buffett. That must be Mrs. Maxx's doing.

    P.S. Yes, all of that stuff is bought and paid for legal, or free downloads from places like which is approved and sanctioned by the band.

    P.P.S. One of the more important things, although not significant in space consumed is manuals and instruction sheets. Pretty much everything I have that requires instructions or a manual, I've either downloaded or scanned the documentation into the 'puter, so I can quickly find and access it from any screen in the house (or garage). Same goes for receipts, especially for auto parts, which often have lifetime warranties. In case you hadn't noticed, register receipts on thermal paper fade after a year or two.
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    Nothing as both my hard drives failed, but at the time I did have.

    Visual Studio 2015 Community.
    Virtualbox with a ton of retro operating systems on it.
    Pycharm + Python
    GTA 3, San andreas, vice city, sonic dx 1 & 2, mostly older games.

    The rest was mostly ebooks and information, i like to collect.

    mostly things on Java, C++, Python, I'm more into information than I am gaming.

    I also had a ton of programming videos from the new boston downloaded onto my hard drive, I'm really into information and learning side of things. I get bored if I'm not doing anything intellectual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkBunny View Post
    The rest was mostly ebooks and information, i like to collect.
    Only have a couple of ebooks. I like reading electronically, I just rely on my local library for e-content.

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    I've got a 20TB file server on my network, about half of which is full.

    Rough breakdown (I just grabbed the main ones, there's tonnes of smaller ones and many more layers beyond the on:
    923G backups
    33M documents
    2.1T downloads
    4.4G media/images
    18G media/ponies
    1.4T media/video/movies/
    4.0T media/video/tv shows/
    98G media/video/talks
    906G media/video/documentary
    31G projects

    I'm basically a pack rat when it comes to data and I'm terribly organized (I've got multiple copies of stuff all over the place). Much of the media comes from ripping my huge collection of DVDs and TV box sets. Projects it's mostly code and associated bits.

    (and yes, mlp has transcended the structure to be it's own high level thing).

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    iRacing 14 gig+ with a few support programs like Motec and iSpeed. I recently lost everything from my HDD's which I was pretty annoyed about.

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    I save almost everything to my WD mass storage and another thumb drive. That way I can easily transport them from my desktop to my laptop and visa/versa. I have a lot of work related info, like church bulletin mockups as well as keeping info on cantatas and the date we performed them.

    Then there's my writing, some of it poetry dating back to college as well as my short stories and novel. I have a lot of family photos but no music. I have a large CD collection and I play through the various stereos and surround sound setup in the family room.

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    Lol which hard drive? I have 2 500gb western digital my books that are mirrors of my DJ music library, a 750gb passport that is the DJ music mover/backup. Then I have 2 2tb drives that have my photos again they are backups to each other, then a 2 tb drive of videos, and another 4 tb for files.

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    Yeah, which one? Lol.

    I have a 500GB that was my original windows install and most of my documents, pictures, music, videos, all that sort of stuff, some games, thats taken up about 420 GB out of the 500.

    On the other drive (1TB) I have most of my steam library on there (What wasn't already on my main drive), some media related things like pictures and my bandicam output folder. I just got that Hard Drive a while ago and it already has 230+ GB of data on it. On the network we have a drive with over 250GB of music on it.

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    Sibelius 7 + ~1GB of musical score files.

    Minecraft. Lots and lots of worlds. I keep meaning to build something spectacular.

    12.4GB of "gentlemen's special interest literature", mostly from back when my internet connection was unstable. (It's heading back that way now and I blame Malcolm Turnbull.)

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    Starting with some of the main programs I work with. Not sure how much space it all takes up, but I know some projects can grow pretty large.
    Audacity, Dxtory, FLStudio 11, Fraps, Gimp 2.8, Handbrake, Open Office, Paint Tool Sai,, Sony Vegas 13, Unity, and Visual Studio 2015.

    Music - 24GB
    Mostly rock. Though I do have a bit of all genres besides maybe country.

    Games - 0.5TB
    The crazy thing is most of my games are not even installed. x.x
    I download a ton of mods for games though. I probably have close to about 20 different minecraft installations.

    Then of course I have tons of other programs and such that I guess you can consider tools. For like benchmarking and stress testting as an example.

    Oh, I also have 0.5GB of anime wallpaper. I typically have it change every 3 hours. Sometimes I may pause it if I like the current ones up. Then when I get bored of them continue it. I add new wallpaper to it every now and again. I am not the type of person to just use regular images as wallpaper, I look for actual wallpaper that fit.

    I also try to be as organized as possible, so I use Fences by stardock. I usually am subscribed to them, but don't have any money anymore so no more updates for my software XD. I used to be very big on customizing the UI on Windows, but I eventually got bored of it and just figured to keep things as simple as possible.

    Overall I still have about 2TB of free space left. I would have another 500GB, but I let my ex use that hard drive for his computer till he buys his own. >.> I have a feeling I am never getting it back though. XD

    Edit: I forgot I have tons of video, such as anime and various movies too.

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