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Thread: Butterscotch syrup and milk in a bottle.. Strange combination suggestions?

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    Default Butterscotch syrup and milk in a bottle.. Strange combination suggestions?

    So.. I ran out of honey the other day which sucked because I couldn't have my baba of milk and honey, so I experimented with the butterscotch sauce I saw in the cupboard by putting my warm milk in the bottle then squeezing some butterscotch sauce in there, it is SO GOOD

    If you have a sweet tooth (not too sweet) you must try it!

    have any of you got any strange combinations or things you substituted?

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    Coffee and the best chocolate meal replacement shake you can find.

    My Little brother wants to try vanilla yogurt, a touch of honey, some bran, and milk.

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    Not for a bottle, but for some very strange reason, strawberries and Balsamic vinegar. It's freaking weird.

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    I usually have 5 oz of milk with a few drops of vanilla and like 1/8 of a pack of sweet n low every night in my pink heart training cup. In the morning I have depending on what I'm having for breakfast either 5 or 10 oz of milk with just a couple of drops of milksplash strawberry or banana. Yummers!

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    A similar milk one is milk, maple syrup, and cinnamon. It's so good!

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    I literally just had my nightly concoction of chocolate milk with Irish cream. It really helps with sleeping.

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    One I've done before is Celestial Seasonings honey vanilla chamomile tea with milk and a bit of sugar. Really nice and relaxing. I'm curious about how other teas might work too, but that's the only one I've tried.

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