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Thread: How much do you score on this test?

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    Default How much do you score on this test?

    I am curious how others here are good at these things:

    I got a 3/10 and I have always had troubles with abstract things and have always been very concrete and literal and even a concrete learner.

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    I got a 7/10. I kind of got the hang of it after I got 2 of them wrong. Still have a few problems with it though. No matter how much I look at the first one I got wrong, the patterns completely change (diamonds turn to hearts). [I wrote a little more here but saying any more would probably ruin the test for some people]

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    Solid 9/10. Woo. Question 6 was the one that threw me... too much goin' on.

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    10/10! I spent a really long time on it though, and tried to analyse every possible detail. Analysing patterns and solving complex problems is pretty much what I do daily as a programmer, so I might have an unfair advantage. Added to which, I am far too much of a perfectionist for my own good, so focusing on every little detail pretty much comes naturally to me.

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    8/10 pretty simple. just look at changes in direction color and patern and compare them to the answers

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    8/10. It was harder than I was expecting!

    And what's going on with question 5?! The shapes clearly swap positions in the example, but none of the possible answers have swapped shapes! Is it me, or is this an error in the test?

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    6/10. These visual pattern games aren't my forte. I can spacialize well enough in my head... transforms not so much.

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