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Thread: Peeing whilst lying down.

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    Default Peeing whilst lying down.

    I find it really hard to pee into a nappy whilst lying in bed. Has anyone else had this probblem? Also how do I overcome it?

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    Just do it.. do it often the more often the easier it becomes ..

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    There's no magic fix unfortunately, just lots of practice. It took me a long time to be able to do it laying down flat on my back, and even longer to do that without having my knees bent up with my feet flat on the mattress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jAMIEISAWESOME View Post
    I find it really hard to pee into a nappy whilst lying in bed. Has anyone else had this probblem? Also how do I overcome it?
    Do it every night for the next xx years. You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes. May even wish it was hard again!

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    try lying on your front, it will cope better if if you can go and your still appling presure to your abdomen then just drink a lot to make it easier to need to go

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    I have the same problem. I myself have a really strong bladder, so it's much more difficult for me. I find it the easiest if you're directly on your side, but sleeping like that is pretty uncomfortable. Still, just keep trying.

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    Practice helps. Also, pulling up the diaper closer to your junk may help. I have managed to pee lying down before, but I prefer to go kneeling upright.

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    I also had problems when I started wearing diapers. But now I can do it with no problem.let me tell you how I overcomed it.

    Getting used to diapers comes with steps. Peeing while standing is the easiest. Try to clear the steps in order and achieve mastery. First I learnt peeing while standing.then while walking, then while sitting. The first two steps were easy and I sat on the toilet and practised to clear the 3rd one. You may have already cleared these steps so I shall tell you how I learnt to do while lying down.

    After clearing the steps I started to wear diapers to bed just to get comfortable. I did not force myself to pee. Instead I spent the first couple of nights just sleeping in them. As I kept on practising during the day to wet while standing, walking, sitting, anywhere everywhere it kind of became a part of me. I drank a lot of water before going to bed for a couple of weeks. I slept in full bladder. I slept in wet diapers and also in dry ones. Before going to sleep I sat on the bed,peed a little and lied down.sat again and kept on doing it like an exercise for like a week. Eventually my bladder gave up to the urge and I became able to pee freely while lying in bed. I also practised peeing in different angles while lying to become better at it.

    P. S : Be sure to put on good quality diapers or have sufficient protections as peeing in different angles while lying can cause leaks

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    I don't have a problem doing so but the horizontal position causes things to not empty properly which can get a bit uncomfortable so I usually sit up in bed to pee.


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