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Thread: Sudden bedwetting

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    Question Sudden bedwetting

    Hello friends,

    I'm not incon nor have the desire to be, so I hope this thread doesn't intrude and is relevant.

    Last night I wet the bed. I only realized after I was done, and to spare you the details, it was a long and embarrassing clean up.
    Now, I had had a couple of drinks that night when out, which may be a contributing factor, but it was within my limits, I didn't exceed the amount I'm comfortable with, so it wasn't some party-boy blackout-accident.

    I discussed it in the morning with a friend, who didn't seem too worried, albeit supportive.
    ''Probably a one-time thing, maybe you where tired?'' and ''Happened to me once or twice, when I was exhausted'' being the main words of advice. Yes, I was tired, but again, not far from usual levels of tiredness after work and a night out. I don't doubt my friend's sincerity to help, but you know, it may just be calming words. I guess my paranoia is showing.

    I'm worried it may occur again, but I want to write it off as a one-time thing, like my friend said..
    So I suppose I'm wondering and asking you good people : Can it be a one time thing, or could this be a sign of something? Should I see a doctor or maybe wait it out for a week and see if it happens again?

    Thank you for reading, I look forward to any advice given.

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    Hopefully it's a one time thing, get a matress protector as a just incase its money well spent even if you never have a bed wetting issue gin it will protect the matress form any drinks that you may spill.

    If it happens again then seeing doctor the next step, make note of any new meds or foods you took before going to bed incase it's a simple as a allergic reaction.

    If it happens again make an doctors appointment to see if it's an infection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob110 View Post
    Hopefully it's a one time thing, get a matress protector as a just incase its money well spent even if you never have a bed wetting issue gin it will protect the matress form any drinks that you may spill.
    Sound advice, definitely will look into. I do lie around in bed watching movies with a soda or coffee so it's probably worth the investment either way.
    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I haven't experienced bedwetting before but I'd also just wait and see if it happens again before going to the doctor. From being on this site I've learned that bladder issues usually require very uncomfortable tests so most people probably wouldn't want to go through them unless necessary. Maybe give it a week or two, then try to recreate the night in question, as in have a few drinks and go to bed tired. If you wet again then perhaps your control just weakens some from the alcohol and the tiredness.

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    Even though you did not do anything unusual for you as far as number of drinks and such, alcohol is a bladder "irritant" just as caffiene is. So it could be just a one time thing and as simple as nature called and you answered. As others have said if it happens again see your Doctor , although if you live in an apartment a mattress protector is a worthy investment not just for spills and such bed bugs are on thr rise and you would be protecting against those as well.

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    I wouldn't worry about it! Unless it starts happening more often it was probably just the drinks. Accidents happen!

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    Well, I'm more than 72 hours in, and no re-occurrence. I did get a mattress protector and stocked up on some padding though. Not that I needed more reasons to buy any, but I guess I thought 'might as well wear one to bed juust in case'.

    But no, nothing has happened, and now that the initial shock has died out and I'm calmer, it really looks like it was just all the circumstances clicking together (drinks + tiredness) and nothing more.

    But still, honestly, thanks to everyone in this thread, might not seem like a lot but you really helped through a stressful moment there!

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    Must be a lot more than 72 hours by now - hope all is well. Even if it does happen again it is probably nothing to get too stressed about - especially as you now have the tools -emotional and practical to deal with it. Other peoples experiences probably won't help but between the ages of 20 and 45 it was a once or twice a year thing for me and perhaps a bit less often for my wife. We just had a mattress protector and did laundry if necessary. Like a lot of things the "thinking about it" beforehand was almost more stressful than the "Darling I am afraid I've...." moment.

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    My bedwetting came back suddenly about 4 years ago and within a few weeks I was back to wetting every night. I seldom wake up dry now.

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    My wife wet the bed once, just as a one off incident when we were together.

    She doesn't drink, and wasn't overly tired either. She just had a classic bed wetting style dream.

    In her dream, she needed to pee badly, couldn't find a toilet, but found the beach or a lake instead. She went into the water and let go. She woke up more than half way through a huge pee. It only happened that one time.

    Do you remember what you were dreaming about?

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