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    My real life father figure (since I was 15) just told me that I am his baby. He has always said that when I act like a baby he will treat me like one but it was a way of discipline . But I have BPD and am a cutter.💔. I have really been struggling. I asked him if I could be his baby and he said yes. OF COURSE it doesn't mean diapers and such BUT he holds me,is extra gentle and is watching out for me. He even took me by the hand and buckled me into the car!!! I know it is because he loves me and is worried about me. I honestly just feel blessed.

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    Aww, that's very sweet of him.

    I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. It seems most of us are dealing with something thorugh our regression.

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    Thanks, cuddle fish!
    I hate that we all struggle so much! Too much pain! !😔

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    I'm sorry you have BPD. I had it to a lesser degree when I was younger. I was a cutter and self harmed in a number of different ways. There is hope though. I found the person who would become my wife and she helped me control my temper, outbursts, etc. I also became more self-aware as I got older and learned to think about what I was saying. Having a filter can still be a slight problem but no where near as bad and I manage to do well in my job and with other people.

    I'm glad you have someone who can help you and watch out for you. I think sometimes just having someone whom you know is always there for you can make every day so much better. I'm a male, and BPD is rarer in males and perhaps it isn't as extreme which may have helped me. I suppose you've seen the movie, "Girl Interrupted". It's based on a real story and I've read her book.

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    It's great that you have someone like that in your life I have BPD and have have problems with cutting as well as attempted suicide in the past. I met my now husband during one of the hardest points in my life and he's helped me so much. He's the one person I rely on that understands how much BPD affects me. I have problems because a lot of the meds I've tried only seem to make things worse, and I go through moments where the anger and depression get so bad and I start to self harm. I also have anxiety and I'm prone to panic attacks. My husband has helped me so much and been so understanding and helpful through everything.

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