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Thread: Was to be a Little when Living with Parents and in Public

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    Default Was to be a Little when Living with Parents and in Public

    I wear diapers 24/7. so the way i get them is to get up early and buy drynites. I take 2 Bags one Plastik bag that is not see though and one Fabrik bag. When i Pay for them i User Self checkout and Quickly Stuff them in the Plastik bag and Pay for them Quickly. Place Plastik bag on scales before Hand and dont Place anything Else on scales Or Lean Or sit on them Or Else a Assistant will come and See what your are Buying. I nearly did that once. Place the Plastik bag in your Fabrik bag and come home (depending on the size of your bag and how Often you use it, it wont Look suspicious) i go to my Room and Pullout my bottom Drawer and Open the pack of diapers and Place them nearly Along with my Nappy Bags and wipes. Shut the Drawer carefully so they dont rip. To wear descretly i wear underwear over the top of them Or a onesie. Depending on how tight your pants are, i Can wear just underwear Or a onesie on my tightest Jeans without a Diaper bulge. With slacker Jeans i wear leggings and underwear over my diaper, with Skirts and dresses i wear underwear and tight Button up Shorts without tights Or Button up Shorts over tights Or Shorts under leggings to reduce Noise. With pjs i wear underwear and Shorts over the Diaper. Changing i close my Curtains and just do it. To hide the Dirty Or Used Diaper i get ziplock Or freezer Bags to Mask the smell and Place Inside a trashbag to avoid suspiction. Btw no-one dumpster dives so you Arne Safe After its in the trashcan. Althogh Save up a days Woerth of diapers First so No-one Can Comment on how much you Throw Stuff away Or wait Till no-one is Watching. When i Shower i fold the Used Diaper and Stuff it Inside my clothes i just worn. I buy Little Stuff Around Morning Time so no-one your Age will See you. When you unwrap Baby Stuff Or toys put it in your trashbag Used for the Used diapers. Change in disabled Toiletts only! I put my Pacis in my Diaper store. I sometimes Look After the dog so at Night when i have to i Sneak a paci in my Shirt and close the Curtains so its not suspicious and close the door. I Sneak it into College by making a compartment for diapers and Stuff for my bag, but Mine Ripped and the Stuff Fell out but Thankfully noone Noticed! I suck Pacis in the bathroom behind a cubicle and preiend im on the toilet. At College when i Chance i use the compartment with the freezer bag and trashbag to store the Used Diaper. When i watch kiddie tv i Can Watching it in my bedroom but of someone is next door i Turn ist down so only i Can Hear it Or i watch it on my iPad with headphones. I Store my toys in a Beach bag under my bed and Place Boxes in Front of it.

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    Soz but did u get what i was trying to say.

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    Since i wear 24/7 i go out early when no-one my Age is Around and buy drynites Or Baby Stuff. You take 2 Bags, one Plastik non See through and one Fabrik. I hide the diapers behind my bag, go to the Self checkout and pls Note (Do not Lean on the scales and remember to put your bag on there First. When you Pay for them shove them in the Plastik bag you placed on the scales. Depending on how big your bag is, it shouldn't be suspicious

    - - - Updated - - -

    you should Try Taking out your bottom Drawer and Taking the diapers out of the pack and Playing the diapers in there. Also get ziplock freezer Bags and trashbags (like buy them for the Supplies Separate from Parents Supplies) use ziplock Bags to Mask smell and use trashbags for a days Wirth of diapers and preiend its ordinäre trash. You Are Safe one they are in the trash

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wear underwear over diapers of pants Arne tight enough to Conceal Noise. Wear leggings Or Shorts of you have looser pants. With Skirts you Can weAr einher no leggings Or tights with tight Shorts underwear, Shorts over tights Or Shorts under Or over leggings. Pjs i use Shorts n underwear. Happy non Noise Diaper wearing

    - - - Updated - - -

    Get a bag with a compartment for Diaper changes and aleays change in a disabled toilet. Sneak Pacis in Coating pockets and suck in Toiletts. Bring ziplock and trash Bags in Diaper compartment

    - - - Updated - - -

    Watch Kids Tv of someone is Around Or Watching on iPad with headphones. I have my toys in a Beach bag under my bed with Boxes in Front of it

    - - - Updated - - -

    Watch Kids tv on Low Volume if someones around

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