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Thread: Wetting while sitting tips?

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    Default Wetting while sitting tips?

    So, I'll be going on tour with one of the bands I work with in May and we will be traveling by van. Here's the thing, I have to pee quite frequently and we can't stop every 45mins-to an hour so I can pee and I so I was thinking about wearing while in the car. Problem is, I have never been able to pee while sitting without leaking. Any advice on the best way to do so? Was thinking about ordering a mixed case from ABU (LittlePawz for home and Simples for the road.) Any tips would be great. Thanks

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    I could be the diapers you are chooseing are to big and you have gaps, the diaper needs to be snug and have good leg guards. I wear dry 24/7's with underware over top and then plastic pants and now a onsie to help keep the diaper inplace ans snug.

    If you leak every time you pee while sitting it's probably due to an incorrect diaper size or tapeing

    What size do you wear , what's your dimensions and how close are you Max or minu measurements of your diaper of choice.

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    Learn to pee slower, giving the diaper time to work its magic helps also.

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    I agree that leaks shouldn't happen with a properly fitting nappy but there is a much greater risk of something shifting and causing a leak compared to other positions. Booster pads can help with excessive flood rate if you don't mind bulk; if you tuck the hose between pad and diaper there's an additional surface to distribute the flow but more importantly it prevents a jet aiming at the leg guards. Ultimately there's no substitute for absorbency for extended sitting and it's worth going for the very best capacity you can get away with concealing.

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    Positioning of your meember can also make you leak. Even if the main part is pointing down when you sit the head can point straight or up. This allows it to pool toward your body in the front, and depending on the diaper and how you are sitting can provide small gaps in the leak gaurd. While it can get through the gaps gravity will still pull it down making it look like you leaked oit of the bottom.

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    Thanks everyone. I'm going to try some different things. Thinking about getting some ABU Simples for the road. When I did wear and leak while sitting last time it was in a ATN which isn't the most absorbent diaper anyway so maybe a much thicker diaper will help. I don't mind bulk, I wear loose clothing anyway and can get away with it.

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    I've done plenty of tours in a 15 passenger van, and I've never been able to figure out how to pull off wearing diapers privately. No matter what, changing was impossible to do discreetly and I was never able to find a place for a proper supply of diapers. Not only was getting to them complicated, but disposing them, and having to wait for a stall every time was peculiar to the people I was traveling with. The hotel at the end of the day was tricky too.

    Currently, while we were down at SXSW, I was able to wear Pull-ups just in case, but I wasn't changing those constantly like diapers.

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    I'll second the "slower" advice. Also, don't wait until you're urgent and then flood or dump a lot in a short period of time. Empty your bladder on a schedule maybe, every 30 minutes or so, even if you don't have to go.

    Also limit fluid intake to reduce the total volume.

    And lastly, if you're in a wet diaper for long enough in a vehicle, there will be a growing odor of urine. If you're going to be in a vehicle with others for hours, make sure they're in on what you're doing before you begin because it's going to come out one way or another. if you with a high sap diaper, the odor won't be bad, but it'll be noticeable.

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    Well as stated before sit with your penis pointing up,tighten the tapesproperly and as i am wheelchair bound all the time my vote for the fiaper with the best front end for absorbtion is the Northshore,when i take long trips out of town this is my choice,previously i used Abenas but found for a long trip the front end of the Northshore was stronger.

    When on a bus for six hours and can only use my power tilt,power elevate and a little of the recline the front end takes a beating and the back gets very little wetness because i am sitting on it, i have not found either of your choices of protection to be as hard wearing for the long term abuse i put on a diaper front end as i am incon as well as a DL.

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    You're only going to get between 1/2 and 1/3 of your diaper's normal capacity while sitting, and the risk of a leak is very high once you cross the threshhold. The standing leak guards work best when standing, and are helpful when laying on your back, but get flattened out when sitting, so liquids driven by gravity just flank them at the low spot in the crotch.

    I' d agree with Tetra, go with a diaper that has generous front padding and point up so you can make the most of the padding in the front. Consider an oversize diaper so there's more padding in the front. Avoid placing the upper tapes too far down on the padding, you'll get better results if the front is poofed out so you have access to the upper padding in the front.

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