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    At the advice of my mom, I'm going to try applying at a cell phone company. I'm understandingly nervous and slightly scared. In a act of a preemptive strike I would like it if everyone and anyone encourage me toward this goal, so I don't back down.

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    I say do it, mate. If it's something that you think could benefit you for the foreseeable future, then I believe it is well worth taking the bull by the horns and grabbing hold of that opportunity

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    Go ahead.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained, to use the cliché.

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    I remember my first job that was out of my comfort zone. I too was nervous but I also thought I had little to lose. The worst they could do was fire me. I worked at a large store, much like Pennys. It had a camera department and that's where I worked. I learned to work the register, take inventory, learn about the different cameras and film. This was right out of high school, a long time ago. I think the job helped me to be a little more comfortable around the public. I think this could be a good experience for you, so just take it one day at a time.

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    a job's a job, a means to an end: bread on the table and money to spend.

    good luck and have fun

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    So, did this happen yet? It could be an awesome job and I hope you went through with the application.

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    I really think you have nothing left to lose at this point. You've been completely miserable in you current job for a very long time and things haven't gotten any better. The question is: What have you got to lose by trying?

    I know from your previous posts that your mom has always had your best interests in mind and she has been watching out for you. Who am I to argue with your mom's advice?

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