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Thread: Help Needed on my next purchase!

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    Red face Help Needed on my next purchase!

    One of my few gifts this Easter is an amazon gift card with $30 on it, which honestly is one of the best presents I've received cause now I get to try out a new brand of diapers! Thing is, I'm not too knowledgeable on the pros and cons of most diapers. As of today, I know I really like the molicare super plus briefs, and the tranquility atn briefs. But, like I said, I REALLY want to try something new! So I was hoping some of you guys can list some of your opinions on these brands I feel like I might enjoy!
    (p.s. If discretion has a heavy impact on the diaper, please list that as well since I still live with my parents, and it isn't always easy trying to look good while hiding a diaper in college, and I'm also willing to spend extra money on my shipping and taxes)
    • abena m4's
    • dry 24/7's
    • Bambino's
    • Prevail's
    • Tena slip maxi's (or any of the other styles of tena diapers)

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    It's awesome you hm got an amazon gift card! That's basically money, since amazon has nearly anything you would want :p
    Hmmm... I have had good experiences with all of the brands you mentioned, aside from prevail, which I haven't tried. Also, TSM's have gone downhill since they discontinued the plastic-backed versions... And we're still waiting to get the active slips state-side.
    On the others, it depends on your mood and size of your waist. For discretion's sake, I would choose bambino Teddy/Classico/Bianco. They're fantastic, really absorbent, but not too revealing under some baggy clothes.
    Abena m4's are probably gonna be a little thicker and a little more noticeable. But they are the cheapest of the bunch and you would get a lot of value off that gift card.
    Dry 24/7's are awesome imo, but if you are smaller than, say, a 34 inch waist, it's hard to say if a medium would fit you snugly. Abena and Bambino's are fine at that waist size, but me being at 36 inches think they're a little snug. The dry 24/7's fit me perfectly. But they are quite thick and hard to hide. I don't really care, as I don't really walk around much aside from getting to my classes. But no one really looks at butts when they're walking... I mean, I do, but that's cus I'm hoping to see a diaper bulge so I can be like "hey, me too!" or something :p
    Happy shopping!

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    Dry 24/7's are my diaper of choice to deal with my bladder issues

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