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    I am a skinny-ish male thinking about buying brief underwear like I had when I was younger, in addition to diapers. But I am confused that they are in 'waist' sizes when the waistband would be around my hips (about 32"), and my actual waist is above the belly button (29"). I am not sure which size to buy; men's size S (28-30" waist) or M (32-34"). Help would be appreciated

    I am thinking of getting the M size to account for shrinking after being washed

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    My pants size are 32" but I still get 30" underwear and that seems to work well.

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    See, I go opposite of dogboy: My waist is also 32" but I go for the M underwear.....but my butt is disproportionately a little bigger than it should be XD

    I do think it's more about hip... so I'd recommend M for you

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