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Thread: Advice on a Tattoo (All ideas wanted)

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    Default Advice on a Tattoo (All ideas wanted)

    First off dont worry! I'm not getting a massive diaper or paci tattooed on me, but i've had a tattoo idea for a while and i think an ABDLesque gesture is in order.

    The plan is a ripped skin tattoo (Google is your friend, they're not scary just cool) below my left pec (I feel really douchey calling it that but i have no idea what to name just below the line there), it to have a dark blackey purpely background with hints of red and pink, and to contain a few ideas.

    So far the only things i can think of are
    A deathbat - Avenged sevenfold
    the name Katie - Sissy name and also a coping method
    maybe something sailingy (I'm a yachtie)

    But I cant for the life of me think of a babyish thing that if i showed someone they wouldnt think what the hell is that, but at the same time i know its there?

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    Sorry to go all grandpa on you... whatever you decide, consider how it will play in 10,20,30,40 years. Ink is permanent. To the best of my knowledge... no one has ever regretted NOT getting inked. You'll go through a lot of different stages and situations in life. Stuff you think is all that now, may be a wtf was a thinking in 20 years. Ink may or may not be an in thing 20 years from now. Something related to sailing? Probably harmless, but there's no guarantee you'll still be into it later. Stay the heck away from anything diaper related.

    I have a tat, relating to an important accomplishment and milestone in my life... Got it at age 50. No, i'm not going to show you. Not offensive or anything, it would just be a bit too much personal information to share here. Mrs. Maxx also has a tribal 'something' in a place that doesn't show under her work clothes.

    Previous to that, I had long considered getting a Grateful Dead Steal Your Face done somewhere, but never did, figuring that the day after I did it they'd find out Jerry was a child molester or something.

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    I'm afraid I don't have any serious suggestions. Maybe a tattoo of Voldemort's face on the back of your head? It wouldn't work as well for me, being mostly bald, but I've always thought it would be funny to have something terrible tattooed on my head, let my hair grow back, and then go in for a shave. For that matter, you could have a spherically distorted reflection of an ugly hair stylist, scissors in hand, a look of horror on her face--tattooed on the back of your head.

    I'm sure lots of people have already done that, though. Meh! Better try for originality.

    On a less serious note, I've also often thought that a diaper pin tattoo on each hip would be nice.

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    I had never heard of the rip in your skin tattoo, but what a great idea. A better one would be a big tear on your stomach with your guts hanging out. Now that would be awesome!

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    I know what you mean by "ripped skin" as in giving the impression your flesh is torn open thus revealing an image beneath. A very cool concept, and depending on your budget...can be incredibly detailed.

    Though I'm afraid myself or none others here can advise you on what image to get "under" your skin lol...Thats a very personal thing, one which only you can decide on.

    As for myself...I have Elvish writing on my left leg that goes from my ankle all the way up to where my underwear sit. I wear briefs, so you can imagine, it goes pretty far up.

    The part from my ankle to knee reads "all that is gold does not glitter" and from the knee up reads "all those who wander are not lost" but again...its all in Elvish lol.

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    This won't help you a far as suggestions but I've been in tattoo parlors that were also bars so many nights and never had any work done. Remember itll be on you forever. The ripped skin idea is actually what I would do for my first Tat. It would be over my heart and underneath would be the stars and stripes or an eagle globe and anchor under the rips. My other cheaper Tat design is just USMC that casts a shadow that reads SPQR(Senātus Populusque Rōmānus)

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    It kinda sounds like you are going what in the Marines we called "meat tags" as for something ABDL related thats a hard one,with as fast as the world is changing a very simple ordinary thing could be associated with something horrific in the future (the unibomber comes to mind his jail cell is more spacious then his house when the FBI threw it on truck and brought it in for investigation). Laser removal still pretty much just dissolves the ink and leaves scar tissue in its place, a plushie is very innocent, could you live with a "build a bear" on your chest foreve?.
    Like Carpenters say "measure twice and cut once", in your case think hard twice before you ink!

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    I think that sometimes the best advice can come from others who have experienced something and then given their own input as to the results. While this may not always be the case, it at least allows the person who initiates the question to consider what the other person went through, rather than just guessing on their own.

    Sharing that introduction, I will share that I have some experience in this arena. Yes, I Teddy Bear Cowboy happen to have an ABDL tattoo. It is of a Teddy Bear wearing a cowboy hat and in a diaper. It is quite small about 3 inches by 2 inches.

    When getting it, I did quite a bit of research and drove over 3 hours to a place that I had researched that was a reputable location for getting the tattoo. I had also spent quite some time contemplating what it would look like. My reasoning to get it was kind of an inner drive to identify myself in a permanent way to this portion of my inner self that would be an identifying mark. Yet I did not want it to be in a location that would be easily viewed. Just as I keep this inner interest very close, I wanted this also to be something I would know about, but not visible for others to see. Hence, I had it located in my pelvis area that would only be visible if I was not wearing shorts.

    Well, let me tell you, I have had a love/hate relationship with this tattoo since I got it. While it did precisely what I had hoped, I later regretted it, as it was not the image that I would have wished for. Perhaps if it was my current avatar I would have been much more happy with it, but after some time I decided it was not something I wanted to continue to be a permanent part of me. So I decided to get it removed. Well, getting the tattoo itself was a little painful, but let me tell you, getting it removed hurts like hell. Especially where it is located on my body. I have had over 14 treatments costing over $1,800 and it is still not removed. The ink had a color of blue shading that simply does not easily go away with laser treatments. I bleed most times I have had it treated for removal and it takes days to heal after the treatment.

    At the present time, a lot of the tattoo has been removed, so it doesn't even look like it once did, but yet the stubborn thing won't go away. If you look at it carefully you can still tell that it is a diapered teddy bear in a cowboy hat, but it isn't cute looking, as it is only partially there.

    At present I am no longer actively trying to get it removed, but do I regret doing this? Well yes. Had it been my current avatar as I said before, I do not think I would have had it removed. But I have had much regret over the original decision. It was so easy to get, yet so painful and expensive to try to remove and it still hasn't been completely removed.

    So my friend, my advice is that if you want to get a tattoo, that is entirely up to you. But be cognizant of what you might feel at different times if others should see it and also...
    • Be more than careful in planning what it might be. Even if you think it might be the coolest thing right now, take a long thought of whether or not you might feel the same way about it in the future.
    • Avoid blue colored shading if possible, as it is difficult if not impossible to remove.
    • Locate it in an area that if you later decide you don't like it or don't want others to see it can be hidden should you desire.
    • Certainly don't do this on a whim.
    • Be prepared for a lot of pain and expense should you decide to try to have it removed.

    Best of luck to you in your decision.

    Teddy Bear Cowboy

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    Just another thought if you are ever arrested they will photograph all tats and you will have to explain the inteded meaning of it to the gang officers,
    Who will then decide if it represents any kind of affiliation to a gang, if they should decide its a threat to you or the institution you could end up locked in admistrative segregation for 23 hours a day. I am not saying you are a criminsl in any way , but you never know what could happen down the road ( all motorcycle clubs are considered gangs including "The blue knights" which is a cop's only motorcycle club, they dont even trust other cop's) .

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