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Thread: Just found a diaper motherload

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    Default Just found a diaper motherload

    I was assigned a pickup in Neelys landing Missouri. Walked in the warehouse and hundreds of columns of boxes about 20 ft tall 30 ft wide all easy ups, underjams and pampers cruisers as far as the eye could see. Wish I could have got a pic but security took my phone while in there.

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    I used to move loads of SAP up from the south heading towards Chicago. As far as I was aware then, it was just 40,000 lbs. of plastic. Now I find it kind of amusing. I know my grandfather used to talk about hauling diapers around when my father was a baby. He'd take 2 cases from the load and run over them with his truck so they were rejected. I'm just surprised he never got caught. Maybe it was easier to get away with 50 years ago.

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    I did a shunting with railway wagons full of diapers once. I didn't see the diapers myself, but all wagons had a note that said "diaper" in my shunting list. How I wish I could just "misplace" one of those wagons

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