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    So, taking a personal day, a mental day if you will...

    What am I going to do?? Grabbing extra diapers, going to the movies and seeing first, Deadpool and 2nd, Batman vs Superman. The best part, comy leather chairs with a wait staff! I'm ordering beer and popcorn all day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybobby View Post
    How was it?
    The movies or my day off? Well, the movies were great. My days off much needed. It's a great feeling not having to get up during a movie to use the restroom. Specially when you don't remember wetting the diaper. I brought a diaper bag with me. The attendant asked what was in my bag. Since the theater is in the mall, I said it's my laptop and was doing work at Starbucks and didn't want to leave in my truck. After both movies I had to change immediately. It was a good day

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