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Thread: who to get to change me

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    Default who to get to change me

    should i get someone to change me or do it myself?

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    Letting someone change you is a precious gift and not to be given away to just anyone. You are putting your trust in to a caregiver. If you are ready to do that. The care give can do it in a way that will make you fill wonderful or they can do it in a way that will make you fill bad. So becafull my freand.


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    what about a wife(btw am not married yet)

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    My wife changes me. But I was honest about my incontinence early on in our relationship

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    Well if you don't have somebody to change you right now, then you should certainly not wait and take care of it yourself, I can't imagine the rash you would get after waiting to find somebody.

    There is nothing wrong with looking for somebody who would take this part in your life, but you have to be particular in who you look for. Often you can find other AB's who are happy to exchange diaper changes, you can also look for a caretaker, or if you get married you can inquire if your wife is interested, but don't pressure her into it. Before you are even married, you probably should have already opened up to her at some point about this desire so she can be aware of some of your ambitions if this is something you are hoping to get out of your marriage.

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    great support!!!
    we are so lucky to have this site to comunicate ideas/problems with each other!!!

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    I hear you can hire somebody to change your diapers on CL. It works better if you pretend that you're disabled, though. Just don't let your brother tell them the truth.

    Oh, and, they're not cheap. Skilled nursing is not cheap. Oh, and they REALLY don't like being lied to, so, you know. REALLY sell it. Y'know?

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