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Thread: considering breast augmentation - what should be the implant size?

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    Default considering breast augmentation - what should be the implant size?

    Hey! I知 considering a breast augmentation surgery as I知 not happy with my current boobs size. I知 32 A and I want it to be 34 C. I tried many methods to make it bigger but there is not much affect. So one of my friends suggested to undergo breast augmentation surgery with implants to have bigger boobs. I have discussed this with my mom and she is in full support. I知 planning to get it from a clinic in Toronto and I have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Michael Kreidstein for next week. I would like to hear your experiences and also need your suggestions. Which implant type should I consider to have natural looking boobs and what should be the implant size?

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    Isn't that a bit like asking what's the best craft beer? I've always preferred small boobs, so I would say leave 'em as is. It's your chest. If you have a significant other, it would make sense to ask about their tastes, but your vote is really the only one that counts.

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    I'm seriously not trying to be a creep in raising this but if you're not going to get good answers without posting some topless pictures of yourself. While I'll agree with Maxx that everyone has their own personal taste for what defines attractiveness a significant part of what makes breasts attractive for me is that they're sized proportionally to the rest of your body. Personally, my favorite breasts on women are A-cup and smaller. A girl with a body ideally attractive to me would never have to wear a bra. But a big part looking good with those size breasts is having a chest proportional to them. My wife is a 34-36C which is significantly larger than what I generally find attractive in breasts, but she also has a large build. Smaller tits like the ones I'm most attracted to would look absolutely ridiculous on her.

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