Hello Eveyone.

OK first my good news my Paddy as I now going to call him as agreed to be my big brother.
He said that I need look after. He likes to tease me and play with me providing the game isn't too for him.
He is atypical Middle requestes into a teenager especially around Christmas time he has got a lot of life experance.
Any way that my news I wonted to shair.

Being a Little I have a bit of an overactive imagination. And something that my Paddy that I right a story. About being a Little how I found out that I was a Little.

So I have been thinking about mixing it with experiences of health and social care, in the community. I kind of got the background set in my head.

Can enyone help me with putting a story to gether and how to put them in the right way as I am not to good with spelling or grandma.

I will be righting from a Littles Point of view.

Anyway this is going to be a work of love as I don't really have time to do it so it may be years before it is finished.

Thank you.