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    Hey everybody!

    I won't tell you my real name, but you can call be CuddleFish. I like alternative and classical music, tabletop role playing, and (as the name suggests) cephalopods. Oh! and cuddles.

    I came here because I can't really share my little side with anybody I know. I have always had to keep it a secret. This is especially tough as I still live with my parents so I can't exactly crawl around the house in diapers as I would like to.

    I suppose I'm also struggling with the whole "grownup" thing. While part of me really wants to be little again I am also struggleing to be a more independent adult. Ideally I would like to find a balance between holding down the kind of career and responsibilities somebody my age should have while also being able to spend a lot of my free time in little space. Unfortunately I suffer from a lot of depression and other issues which make searching for work difficult, and I am maybe a bit to scared by the notion of moving out on my own.

    An other issue I have is trying to find a partner. I am freakishly tall, and a trans woman, which actually isn't that much of a setback on its own. But then you add the fact that I am an ABDL and asexual and the dating pool suddenly becomes much smaller. I have had partners in the past who I told about my little side, and they were all turned off by it. I have tried looking for partners through ABDL and fettish websites, but I frankly find these communities really intimedating, and at the end of the day everyone on there is interested in sex, which I am not.

    Anyway; I look forward to talking to you fine people. It feels soooo good to open up about this. ^_^

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    Hello CuddleFish and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction


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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleFish View Post
    Thanks egor. ^_^
    Hello and also....welcome. I'm a classically trained church musician, my major in organ performance. I probably play a lot more piano and keyboard now, but I enjoy most forms of music.

    I'm sorry you suffer from depression. You're in good company on this site. I have my bouts of it, but nothing too serious. I try to keep busy doing a number of different things. I enjoy reading and I also write, having sever stories on this site. I also have a self published novel to Amazon/Kindle.

    I think you'll get a lot out of this site. It's a good family.

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