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    So I have this friend, who is basically my brother from another mother and I have been wanting to tell him for so long now. My parents found out the hard way (damn browser history, the one time I didn't use incognito). But I never actually told someone about it.

    He knew for a little while that I had a weird thing that I liked and it was a sub genre of the furry fandom.

    We recently hung out and I decided to tell him. I made it seem like it wasn't a big deal, like it more of a "so.. Yeah" kinda thing instead of a heart to heart coming out of the closet kind of thing.
    He was really chill about it and even said it was "kinda cute" which made my life. I'm still going to be rather quiet about it so I'm not shoving down his throat or anything, but it feels so good to have my best friend be so cool about it.

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    Yeah, I've told maybe 10 close male friends about it and what I've learned over the years is... It really doesn't 'undo' anything else they know about me and it is genuinely a weird thing - but it's my quirk. It's something to tell when I want to express vulnerability in the friendship - because I know they don't need to know it to keep being my friend, but it is something I'm not readily feeling a need to tell anyone and everyone. (Though you do have to tell people it's not pedophilia, because most people immediately think that's involved, which... It's not!)

    But anyway, the first person I told I couldn't even look him in the eye, but then he told me in response the thing that is now quoted in my signature(a couple days later), and now I'm at the point where... It's uncomfortable to put vocal words to, but it's definitely something I can actually kind of laugh about.

    So that's super cool that you have a friend who's not actively weirded out by it!
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    I told my best friend two years ago via text, and he responded with "That's cute! Maybe I can even change your diapers." I proceeded to melt like I never had before.

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