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Thread: I am having trubel.

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    Question I am having trubel.

    Hi everyone

    I am having trubel with my toy rabbit Peter. I got him from Build-A-Bear and i got a ninja outfit for him. So he can help Rex fight off the monsters ouder my bed at night when I am asleep.

    I know they are there because they keep pulling my blankets off. Then I wack up and have to remake my bed. And some time I hear them walking about in the room next door to my bedroom. And it not my big brother being silly.

    Anyway he wount keep his ninja Suits on and I have to keep dressing him.

    Is it becouse he is the only soft toy I have with clothing and he feel like the odd one out. Because I do know that feeling.

    How do I get him to keep his cloves on. I have told him off and made him sit on the naughty step.

    Should I make him face the wall until he promises to behave. Or should i let him go with out this ninja suit. If I do that will he be able to fight off the monsters.

    Thank you for any help


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    You could get some very small safety pins and pin them to him if he doesn't feel pain. Or you could pin just the clothes and make them tighter on him. My big teddy bear wears a onsie that my wife and I got at an infants and small child used clothes store. He seems to like his onsie as he too is a "little".

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