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    Well after waking up this morning to a wet bed despite wearing a nappy and sleeping on a quilted bed protector which had bunched up under me during the night I have decided to go back to putting a sheet of plastic over the mattress just like I had when I was a child. I would like something better but until I can afford it I'll have to go with the rustling sound of the plastic sheet.

    What does everyone use to protect their bed?

    Cheers FH

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    a waterproof dust cover
    a waterproof mattress cover
    a large bed pad
    a sheet
    my diaper

    in reverse 5 levels of protection for the mattress.

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    I use a heavy waterproof mattress cover, a quilted bed pad under where I sleep, a sheet, and my diaper. Both my mattress and I are well protected. The mattress cover does not rustle or make noise.

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    Default My 1001st Post!!!

    Bed is an extremely important part of our burrow.

    Our new king bed has a pillow top mattress topped by a memory foam topper and a feather bed.

    Next comes a 2 control heated mattress pad, a Serta waterproof cover and our sheets.

    I use washable 4 chux pads on my side of the bed during the week.

    On my wife's weekend, the bottom sheet is covered with 10 over-lapped chux pad, all covered by another fitted sheet (as we tend to get quite sloggy together).

    I do love the summer! I wash a great deal of bedding and diapers and always seem to have a full clothes line.

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    We have the following in place
    Water proff Mattress protector that also covers the side of the bed
    Then the sheet
    Then a sheet folded a few times that go's across the bed
    Then my reusable absorbant pad 30"X 54"

    I wear dry 24/7's for my diaper

    This has worked great for us as most times if I leak I just grab the pad and go change and return with a fresh pad and my wife Most time never wakes up.

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    About the same for me ,, fitted waterproof vinyl cover, fitter waterproof quilted padding fitted quilted paddings , sheets and a dry 24/7 keeps all wetness on my side of bed and protects the mattress

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamberpot View Post
    About the same for me ,, fitted waterproof vinyl cover, fitter waterproof quilted padding fitted quilted paddings , sheets and a dry 24/7 keeps all wetness on my side of bed and protects the mattress
    Thanks chamberpot. I like the idea of the vinyl cover will have to find one of those. I don't mind the sound the plastic makes as it dose bring back some childhood memories and I have to protect this mattress more so as it doesn't belong to me.


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    I have a full mattress cover that is kind of like Gore-Tex, it breathes well and is cool but won't let any moisture all the way through. On top of that I put a 54"x30" washable pad that absorbs well and will not let anything through at all. It has a very absorbent cotton top and isn't nearly as hot as a plastic/vinyl sheet or pad. It's not as flimsy as the usual disposable chux pads and it stays in place nicely without bunching up. On top of that goes the regular cotton top sheet.
    Then for me I'll have on my regular diaper with a guard pad insert and a pair of Gary PUL plastic pants. I don't wet very often at night but with my diaper, pad and PUL pants I've never had a leak get through to the top sheet much less to the washable pad or mattress cover. Nonetheless a major leak always could happen so I think I'm well prepared.

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    You can buy from Babykins a sheet of fabric that has a rubber center,both sides are soft and comfy and its just a little stiffer than a regular sheet, it will absorb any leakage without passing it to the bed and is machine washable, it takkes the place of ordinary rubber sheet and cotton sheet all in one. They also sell rubber sheeting if you want to protect the mattress and use regular sheets. You buy both by the yard. I have a very expensive Medical memory foam mattress on my bed so i use both just to be sure because this mattress will just drink up anything leaked on it and you will never get the smell out, and replacement of the original cover costs like $700, my solution is cheaper less than $40 buck, thats s big freakin savings!

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    I found a fully encased waterproof bed cover at Wal-Mart for around 40 -50 $ and that has been great. Its not plastic so it doesn't eventually wear out or crease and crack and rip. After that comes the the washable under pad, I forgot how many inches but its a goodly size, and then the regular sheets on top. I rarely leak (unless I'm being lazy) and when I do its not much so I don't wash the pad more then once a week or so.

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