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Thread: Disappointed in XP A+ diapers

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    Default Disappointed in XP A+ diapers

    I travel about a week per month, which gives me time to wear a diaper to bed. I never wet it while lying down, since I don't want my brain to get used to that, but I will get up in the middle of the night to wet and then go back to sleep in a wet diaper.

    This past trip was going to be longer than most and I didn't want to have to pack that many diapers, so I had XP Medical ship an 8-pack of their Level-4 diapers to my first hotel. They arrived without a problem. Unfortunately, I was not impressed.

    Normally, my go-to diaper is the Northshore Supreme, which not only fits me great, but also lets me use the whole diaper. When I'm done with one, there's rarely a dry spot except at the very top in back. They hold a lot because the moisture wicks throughout the diaper. On the A+, not so much. The pee stayed pretty much right up front, and only wicked into the crotch if the diaper went right up to capacity. Not cool.

    I respect Gary at XP tremendously, and think he offers a great service to those who need his products, but I was not impressed with these, despite tons of great reviews written here. Am I missing something? Did I get a bad batch? What's up with these?


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    Hang on. Isn't that what diapers are supposed to do? A diaper that keeps all the pee in place means it's absorbing super fast and less likely to leak, yeah? Especially if you're a bed wetter it's exactly what you want because the pee doesn't travel as you move around in bed. Diapers that soak the whole pad mean the pee isn't absorbed fast enough so it has time to spread and travel. If it makes it to the edges of the pad then you're screwed because it'll just leak right out the legs or waist bands.

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    I'm not quite understanding the issue. Did you actually observe less working capacity, or are you just thinking it's less since there wasn't a lot of wicking?

    In my experience with XP diapers, lower wicking is fine as long as the wet spot isn't in contact with an edge. Liquid just oversaturates one spot, then is rapidly absorbed by the next nearest non oversaturated area. Basically these are very fast absorbing at the cost of inefficient use of padding for the same capacity.

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    Irnub, my experience was that no matter how long after wetting the diaper, the wetness never went anywhere. The front of the diaper swelled like crazy, but the lack of wicking meant a far lower overall capacity than other diapers I use routinely, like the Northshore, Tena Super, and Molicare Super Plus. All of those diapers, when I'm ready for a change are fully wet, front to back, and, if I time things well, still haven't leaked.


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    The A+ have very fast acquisition, not much is going to be running down into the back until the crotch is pretty soaked. But they also have excellent wicking, so it will travel once it can get mobile.

    Make sure you fold the crotch into a "V" to form a gutter down the middle.

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    I'm not sure what I expected here, but I guess this wasn't it.

    RMS: "Here was my experience with these diapers."
    Others: "No, you're wrong."

    I get that some things are more subjective than others. If I'd said that these didn't fit me well, I doubt that anyone would have contradicted me, since fit is such an individual thing. And I get that wicking is one of those things that shouldn't be subjective. But none of the seven diapers that I've used in this pack of eight have wicked moisture well. When wet, and then wet again, and then slept in, the moisture remained up front, and even occasionally leaked.

    I am not new to diapers; I have tried many, with a wide range of effectiveness, absorbancy, and wicking ability, and I found these to be sub-par. That was my experience. If your experience was different, I'm very happy for you. Gary seems to be a good person, XP has been a good company for me, and I wish them well, but this product didn't meet my well-informed, experienced, and realistic expectations.


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    My plus 4 last night on third void started to leak making me jump out of bed and it still had room in the front. Fit was very snug and felt good. Not how i wanted to get up in the middle of the night.

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    I wasn't keen on A+ diapers when I tried them either. They're kind-of-okay, but the padding just clumped together really quickly and they didn't fit that brilliantly (and no leg cuffs?!)...

    I can't really say I noticed any wicking problems, though...

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    My experience with them is one out of the 8 stayed taped in place. The one that stayed felt great and absorbed a good amount for me. Didn't wick much throughout but it held a lot. Though the other 7 of them didn't get to wear because I wasn't going to put duct tape or any other tape on it to hold it in place. My wife likes the way I look in a diaper and I think if she would of seen tape on it she wouldn't of liked that much.

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    RMS401, you are not at all wrong I have also had that problem with the xp level 4 as well as a handful of others notably the tena slip original. the exact issue I have had personally is as I wet the front and crotch absorb all the urine and continue to swell until the swelling pushes the leg gathers away from the skin and causes a leak, additionally the swelling in one spot causes me discomfort in that "area" and I cant sleep in those diapers period, if i wear them during the day when standing its ok and the urine tends to spread out a little better but not much. When you are used to diapers like molicare, abena, and northshore supreme that wick like crazy it is hard to use something like the A+ level 4, dont get me wrong the A+ are great diapers especially for the price but they are just different. Just my 2 cents

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