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Thread: Putting the new sdk's to work

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    Default Putting the new sdk's to work

    Today is an absolutely beautiful spring day here, I will be wearing a sdk all day while I get a start on spring cleaning outside, I'll be splitting and stacking fire wood, cleaning the yard of any sticks, getting some flower beds ready. I normally wear a tykables or an Abena on the weekends. Usually the Abena falls apart first, the tykables hold up pretty good but by the hour 6 mark the padding starts to break down, today will be the sdk's chance, let's see what a day of yard work will do. I will be wearing a onesie also

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    If this is your first time doing yardwork diapered, you're going to be learning a few things, like what happens when you sweat a lot while wearing a thick disposable

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    No, it's not my first rodeo, just first time in a sdk doing real work, so far so good, still snug around my waist, starting to get a little squishy

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    Update on the SDK performance, yesterday was a pretty heavy work day, I spent approx. 8 hours splitting and stacking firewood. While operating my log splitter I was in the standing position for the first half of logs, there was a lot of bending and turning, the diaper held in place, I wet as I needed to, on the second half of log splitting I had to put the splitter in vertical mode, I took another log and sat on it while splitting; the reason was the logs were just to big and heavy to lift. While sitting, there was a lot of up and down motion, also after every log I had to get up and roll another from the pile and sit back down. The diaper held up great, I may have wet once or twice during that, nothing to much though. Stacking the wood was a lot of walking back and forth with bending up and down, the diaper held up fine. I've worn other diaper brands and by hour 3-4 of working I could literally feel the diaper breaking down.
    When I was done with the work I went in for a shower, I stripped down and took my onesie off, I looked at the diaper while on me and noted a couple things. The majority of the padding in front of the diaper held up good, the diaper was soaked on the front and bottom, The tapes were excellent, no shifting / stretch, the rear again held up fine, no real padding break down, there was no wicking though, there was a pretty even moisture line on along the access of my butt, I did have a small leak out the one leg cuff (minor considering it was used for 8 hours) the backside top of the diaper held up great (this area took the most abuse with sitting / standing / bending over) it was a little puffy from sweat.
    All in all this diaper surprised me, being a single tape diaper I really thought it would need some type of adjusting through out the day, I thought the padding would break down like an abena. Instead the unit held solid, tons better than I expected, held a good amount, I think I found a new favorite for me, and maybe just maybe the diaper fits fine (I complained in a different thread) LOL, good job ABU!

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    I wear the ABU Simple. It functions quite well. Now that I know about the SDK I might try it out.

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