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Thread: Easter Sales! Bambinos (and more?)!

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    Default Easter Sales! Bambinos (and more?)!

    Well, Easter is upon us, and this means a slough of sales for us diaper connoisseurs! I just got an email from Bambino flaunting 10-20% sales. But of course, no sale for anything not made by Bambino, except the Totaldry Boost Ups (20%)...and their diapers are only 10% off. The quardros are 15% off, but otherwise, nothing. It's a little underwhelming. I mean 75 bucks isn't much different than 68 bucks.

    I already have a butt load of diapers, but it's nice for those who have been holding out. Also, I guess we can use this thread for other Easter Sales if you guys want. Post 'em if you find 'em!

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    Although Bambino does have sales periodically, they're never doorb-busters. And their prices have been steadily rising - a case of teddy on sale costs more than what I paid for my last case at regular price So no reorder for me for now. Bambino are up at $2/pc now, and with only "good" capacity and mediocre tapes it's very difficult to justify when there are much better diapers (space etc) for the same price, and diapers their equivelent at their former price point. And they've totally lost the edge they once had as the "only true ab/dl functional diaper" on the market.

    The only real change they've made in the last year or two is raise their prices. They'd better do some serious thinking before it's too late.

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    I haven't bought anything from Bambino other than quaddros since ABU starting bring out such great product.

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