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Thread: Anyone else really bad at putting on/changing diapers?

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    Default Anyone else really bad at putting on/changing diapers?

    So this has always been a problem for me- when I put on a diaper, its always... "off." Usually, I'll get the legs too tight and the waistband too loose. I got better for awhile when I wore the cloth-backed Abena M4s, but now with the plastic-backed ones, I just can't put them on right.

    And yes, I've read the article about putting them on here.

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    The only problem I have are the bottom right tapes. Sometimes I get the others on right but the bottoms right one is too low and doesn't feel right to me.

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    Yeah.Same here.Sometimes I put it so tight that I can't work properly.Other times,It leaks through legs for not putting on properly.What to do???

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    Seeing that I'm always leaking, I guess I have the same problem.

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    I kinda thought I was an expert. Probably done it a few thousand times for myself.

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    Despite I did this many times, I still don't think I still do great job on putting on a diaper perfectly. Usually I put on too tight... blah. lol

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    Yep. I'm definitely bad at it. I tend to be naturally clumsy, and that doesn't go away when it comes to putting on a diaper. I've wound up putting on a diaper backwards many different times. I'm not as bad as I used to, but I don't get as much practice as I need.

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    I thought I was going to have trouble getting it right when I started. Not too bad, actually. I do the bottom left tape, top left tape and then bottom right and top right.

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    You could try pre-taping and pulling up. I do that almost exclusively. It also lets me "pay it forward" on diapering time. Takes a LOT less time to pull up one you pretaped the night before than to do it up on the spot, either with pretaping or regular on-demand taping.

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    I seem to be 50/50 on putting mine on correctly. Either a leg/legs is too tight or the waist not tight enough. One time I put on one and all 4 tapes were way too tight, no clue how I managed that.

    Just 2 days ago, I tightened the waist and right leg too tight. Because I wear often, but not use until 36 hours after, I pull them down for showers, 6 hours after putting this one on, I pulled down too rough and tore a hole in the back side. I'm glad it was a Abena M4 and not a Teddy Bambino.

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