View Poll Results: How do you open and dispense your bag of adult diapers?

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  • right-side up

    31 43.66%
  • upside down

    7 9.86%
  • from the side

    10 14.08%
  • rip it open/random

    6 8.45%
  • doesn't matter: put diapers in drawer or shelf

    18 25.35%
  • who cares?

    9 12.68%
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Thread: Opening a new bag of adult diapers.

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    Default Opening a new bag of adult diapers.

    Hey everyone. How do you like to open your bag of adult diapers?

    My preference is 'upside down' so that the each folded diaper is available to choose.

    I don't really like when the waistbands get in the way of grabbing a diaper from the bag when opened right side up.

    Some packages have a side dispenser.

    What do you like?

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    I always try to open the side where the main fold is, this way the diaper will stay together when pulling it out.

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    Open on the fold end and put in my storage tub.

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    I guess it depends on the brand, but yes, I do like having the folded side facing me when I pluck them out of the package.

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    I open the bottom so the folded side is facing me. After I open it I take all of them out to hide them so it doesn't matter too much to me.

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    I open mine on top, along the edge on one of the ends, so I can slide them up and out from the end without compromising the bag's hold on keeping the others in the bag. This works best if the last fold is up, so I don't snag the last fold inside the bag when pulling it out.

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    I open mine and allow them fluff time, i have them stacked in 2 piles of twelve in every room, in the bedroom i have a large low desk area that has my bed pads ,diapers both cloth and disposable,rubber bloomers and all my diffrent creams and lotions i use laid out along with gloves and catheters that i can reach well laying in bed , so if i want or need a change everything is handy for me and also ready on hand when my aide changes me,

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    I always try to open the package at the perforated line which usually runs from the top down to the side. What are these lines for? That you should rip it randomly?

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    Right side up along the seam. I will put some diapers in my drawer. I like opening a new package full of diapers. I feel so good ever time I do it.

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    I get annoyed with the little carrying handles the packs have so I open mine from the bottom and just slide the diapers out onto the top of my dresser.

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