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Thread: Does Frequent Urination Lead to Urgency?

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    Question Does Frequent Urination Lead to Urgency?

    Hi guys! Quick question. Does purposely urinating frequently lead to a shrunken bladder?
    This approach would be to use the toilet not padded.

    It seems like this may actually be the best way to experience it. It doesnt sound harmful at all.

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    I use the toilet once during the day at work, usually around noon, and then by quitting time I'm often ready to go again (and sometimes don't make it home dry ) but overnight I wet pretty much every time I wake up, so as not to be flooding my diaper, and I probably wake up 4-5 times a night. So that sounds pretty frequent, and hasn't resulted in any loss of control for me. If anything, diapers have given me greater control, not to hold, but when to go. I've about kicked my Shy Bladder. But I think I can still hold it as long as I need to, and don't have accidents. For me this is after years of wearing diapers. If something else was going to happen, like loss of daytime control, lower daytime capacity, or wetting without waking, I think I'd have seen it by now.


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    your bladder will shrink some, if you empty it before it gets even slightly full. how much depends on your own body, though.
    Mine shrinks if I wear every night for a month or two. But I can still hold it just as long as before, I just feel the urge much sooner, but I can stand that urge longer until my bladder expands to it's previous stretched size.

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    When I was wearing 24/7 for a month or two without much breaks from diapers, I noticed it when I quit wearing so much. I was at work and couldn't get out of a conversation with a client and peed a little in my pants. Wasn't a ton, but the pressure is a lot and the bladder is smaller when you are used to wearing. I did eventually build my ability to hold it a lot longer again over time. It was interesting though, that situation, really made me wish I was in diapers again so much.

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    Timed voiding is an intervention Urologists commonly reccomend and is taught commonly to men in P.T. for repotty training after a TURP, usually an interval like two hours in most cases is recomeded, every two hours you will go and use the toilet and as much as possible empty your bladder.

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    Fun fact: Urinating often does train your detrusor muscle, which makes you less prone to retention.
    Yes this can increase urges and make the stream stronger and maybe more difficult to hold when the detrusor is working against the sphinxter.

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    Well it has for me. When in a diaper, I try to not to hold at all. I go often and have developed strong urges. if I feel an urge now I did to go quickly whether in a diaper or a potty.

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