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Thread: Your Diaper Routine

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    Default Your Diaper Routine

    Hello! I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for like 2 months and have recently taken a long break due to some bad experience.I have thought for some while and decided that instead of wearing 24/7 I shall follow a routine.

    It would be very helpful if you tell me your diaper routine and give me suggestions to make mine.Like when do you wear them? For how long do you wear them? When do you wet/use them? When do you change them? How many times do you change per day? When do you skip wearing diapers? Do you wear them to bed everyday? Do you use diapers in bed? What do you do in case of accidents?(Any extra details or information are also welcome)

    Thanks in advance

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    I only wear during the night, and only occasionally. I change into one when I go to bed, wet it whenever I have to go, sleep in it overnight and change out of it in the morning, maybe wetting again in the morning if I have to.

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    Mostly at night too after work...but not every night. Usually on Friday night I'll put myself in diapers for the whole weekend and restrict toilet use. I'll wet all weekend. If I am alone I will mess...

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    I wear 24/7 for incon, my changeing is based on how ny diaper feels i can tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    I wear 24/7 for incon, my changeing is based on how ny diaper feels i can tell
    As for actual change my power chair turns into a changeihg table or an elevated changing table if an aide is gonna change me, at the push of a button.

    Accidents and leaks are fairly easy yo deal with as i have a incontinence cover on my cushion if any wetness gets past the incon cover, i just wash the cover and hose down thr cusuion in the shower. The knee bolters remove,and the arms swing up out of the way, maiing perfect access to my pants, onesie and such for a change. The chair also has tilt ( i can position myself any where from seated to i am in launch position in the shuttle) and with elevating and articulateing foot rest that can be tied to recline as the back goes down the feer go up ready for my blanket and a nap and the entire seat can ge raised up an additional 1 foot for convient changes by my aide.

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    I wear to bed every night, wet within the first hour and several more times over the course of the night, sometimes if to point of leaking and I wake up I'll change out to a new one or chance the rest of the night undiapered which is about a 50/50 chance of wetting the bed. I'll wear off and on during the days as privacy allows , occasionally will wear out and about in public. I also sometimes will wet my pants out and about undiapered .

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    I wear everyday to work unless there is some big meeting or social event. I wear every night at home but not anywhere else. I always carry a few diapers in my purse and in case of a leak I always bring an extra skirt. I change during breaks and usually hold my pee in for a while so I can soak it in one or two goes and not constantly through out the day. I never poop in them at work. For changing I have a small thing of baby wipes in my purse and I'll do it in the large stall

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    My diaper lover routine has changed countless times due to many different variables. I've ranged from wearing diapers 24/7 for nearly 4 months, to not being able to wear a diaper for nearly 2 months because of work. Still, I maintain being able to wear diapers on average about four days a week. For my O.A.B. & mixed incontinence, I wear protective underwear whenever leaving the house, although this doesn't count in my book. I do not use the underwear purposely like a diaper and usually get away with only changing the underwear once over a twelve hour period on a good day, although it will be fairly wet.

    My current routine is wearing during the day during the weeks when I'm working at home. I usually change out of them before my fiancÚ gets home, as I like to respect her boundaries. I'm still honest with her about wearing that day if she asks. On sundays I'll wear while with her if we're having a lazy day.

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    The wife still works every day so as soon as she is out the door in the morning I slip into a nice fresh Abena Abriflex. Sometimes I will take a chance and change into a diaper before she leaves. Although it will stay clean and dry until she is gone. Once she is gone I wear and use the diaper as fully intended. I do not have any medical need. I'm simply a DL. If I go out to a store or run an errand I am most likely to be padded. Usually gonna be wet too. If I want to do a #2 while I am out I will wait until I am sure I have an open escape route after doing the deed so as to not offend anyone. I also love the feeling of filling the seat of my pants while driving my car home. I normally clean up and air out the house about an hour before the wife comes home from work.
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    I get up and depending on my mood I hit the toilet for my morning poo or I let rip in the diaper. After that it's pretty much a heavy diaper (dry 247 or L4 or the NSC supreme) for the rest of the day. I'll change before dinner depending on my mood either into another diaper or commando.

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