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    What's the purpose of them aside from containing doodie? Or were they created pretty much just for that?
    I got a sampling of the Tena Stretch Supers, and while I haven't tried them out yet, I'm a bit apprehensive as I haven't really ever worn a diaper without leak guards. Is it fine to not have leak guards for those of us who only use diapers for peeing?
    Thanks for your input, and diaper on!

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    I've never used diapers without leak guards either but more than a few times the leak guards have redirected the stream during a flood so it went back towards the padding. From what I've heard, some diapers have done really well despite not having leak guards.

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    Twofold. Firstly, yes, to contain faeces, but also to prevent urine from leaking out of the side long enough for it to be absorbed by the padding in the event of a large gush. Additionally, when the nappy is near saturation, it prevents any liquid that is pressed out by sitting on it from leaking.

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    What Akastus said. They matter a lot when flooding in particular. You can notice this if you ever hold it until your bladder is really full and then let it all out at once. You'll be able to feel the pee kind of pool in the diaper as the rate of liquid going in there can exceed the rate that the material is capable of absorbing and spreading it out, even though the total amount of pee is something the diaper could handle if added slowly. So, the guard holds it in there long enough for it to absorb.

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    My view is their effectiveness is limited. If you use a large capacity booster then they are rendered ineffective.

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    Remember their full name is "standing leak guards". Their primary purpose is to keep anything you put in your diaper IN your diaper while you are standing. Gravity takes it to the crotch from either direction, and the leg gathers can't do a lot to keep things from rolling out the sides of the crotch once it gets there. They work like a tall fence protecting the sides of the leg gathers. In the case of a flood, they hold the liquids there long enough to be absorbed and wicked up the front and back.

    (though they help overnight too, to a lesser degree)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Remember their full name is "standing leak guards".
    I think their title means that they stand up, not you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambus View Post
    I think their title means that they stand up, not you!
    Their problem is that when you sit or lay down, they aren't elevated above the crotch anymore and have very little effect as a dam for leak guarding.

    So you're the one that needs to be standing, if you want them to be "standing" as well.

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