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Thread: What's the point of Identities?

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    Default What's the point of Identities?

    I don't know if this is me missing the point, but I never truly identified myself properly when I was younger, trying to find something to call myself me, which ended up feeling removed from general society and alone. ABDL was something I did identify with but I still didn't like the grouping, and day to day everything would change, how I feel about gender / orientation / fetishes etc. Another point is that I was told I had aspergers, but from looking myself I think I be a sociopath, and this adds to my feeling of separation from everyone else.

    And I think I've concluded that I don't like any identity, I don't want to group myself with anyone else like this. As well as this I don't believe in souls, or any other supernatural ideology. And the idea that we are the same person is an illusion, we may look the same, sound the same and think very similar, but were so slightly different, and we always are different, hence the idea that we have a constance of being I think is false.

    So why do I try and put myself with identities? I think differently to other people as well, meaning I find it hard to understand other people, but I have recently disowned (personally) the idea that I'm the same as other people.

    I think the response people would say is that I want to feel different, the identify I'm searching for is one I can truly own myself. And I don't think I can answer, I want to dispel this theory and say I just want to be identity less, but maybe I just want things to be simpler.

    Has anyone else ever had this feeling? Do people like the idea of having more constance, and being able to say "Yes this is who I am"

    (Side note, I may be scared that if I actually be truthful to myself I wont like who I am, I enjoy no constraints about being a Sociopath, but the little voice of reason, however quiet it is, is just crying in the corner over my actions)
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    I don't identify with any tags because I'm still trying to discover that. I would say I'm an experimenter as I'm just seeing how it is, but I also go in them so I don't quite know what I'd call myself. I've also peaked an interest in role playing in a chat but I have no intention to in real life. I'd say I'm with you though. I am not AB, not quite DL, and nowhere near any other title

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    Lol, we mean the other tags, and not hashtags either

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    Probably should have said Identity in hindsight

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    I understood what you meant

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    I don't change my tags. I'm comfortable with my fursona and how I interact through it with the world.


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    I think trying to label ourselves or come up with a self identity is something we do when we're young, and maybe it's because we feel we need it. I suspect it starts in school, when we sit with certain groups at lunch such as the Jocks, the Nerds, the In Crowd, and the rabble masses, which is where I found myself sitting.

    As we get older, we care less, and what we do for a living and how we live begins to define us. As an adult, we go to a social event and if we meet someone we don't know, the conversation typically goes to, "And what do you do for a living?" I think for us guys, that's what we use to define ourselves. When I respond to the introduction threads on this site, I'll often say, "I'm a musician" and there I've defined myself.

    Woman may be more multifaceted, saying they're a mother of three, and then say what they do for a living. They might include a hobby or something they enjoy, just as us guys might do the same.

    The old definitions we so imperfectly searched for when we're young often move out of the way to make room for the new definitions we've acquired simply by living and growing, taking on the mantles thrust upon us by society, working and home life.

    If you're Autistic, all of this may change because of your Autism. It can be more difficult to self assess, but honestly, you're not missing much. We simply are who we are and little more. What's more important is what you do with your life rather than searching for a label that mirrors who you are.

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    I think dogboy has a good bit of that right, but I also think that identity, whether it's through labels, actions, or anything else, is a way of talking about our core self.

    Even in the opening post saying that you don't like any identity, MoonMoon, you're actually claiming an identity (in this case, I don't like anything is itself an identity). I won't presume to know your motivations for why you want to see yourself the way you do, or why you might want others to see you a certain way. Simply, the fact that there is some way you want to be seen is the essence of having an identity.

    That identity is also comprised of many different things. I see you in part based on your choice of the MoonMoon meme and your wolf flower avatar. I see you based on the things you write, the fact that you even choose to be self-introspective here. And I'm sure many other things. Other people that know you differently see different aspects of you and you get to pick and choose which aspects of yourself you see as the most important and what you want to represent you.

    I'd suggest embracing it. Construction of self is essentially all we do as human beings once we've satisfied the very basic food, water, and shelter check.

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