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Thread: Goodbye Babymt, hello?

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    Default Goodbye Babymt, hello?

    When I first joined ADISC I was so excited that I had found like minded people that wanted to support me (as opposed to other sites I had been on) that I just joined up with the first name I thought of.

    Now I have been here a while I have gotten a bit bored of my username and I have also accepted myself a lot more. My AB side has developed and I have tried new things (thanks Dogboy for babypants training pants), so while I identify as a baby a lot, I also can be a bit older now. I think it is time to change my name, but what to?

    My wife calls my diapers pajamas (then we can also talk about them more openly). Maybe something around that..

    Has anyone changed their name on ADISC and was it ok? I have got to know a lot of people by their usernames. It would be a shame if someone I knew changed theirs and I didn't know it was them, but maybe nobody notices me here anyway as I don't post so much.

    Any great suggestions for a new name?

    Thanks for all your support everyone.

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    Why not just go with pajamaMT. That sounds super cute and still embraces who you were when you started here.

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    I often remember members by their Avatar as well as their name. If you keep your avatar, which I really like, members will remember who you are. And yeah, I'm wearing my Baby Pants as I write this. They help me with my grammar.

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