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  • not currently working or in school

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  • NEVER!

    11 14.29%
  • very rarely

    12 15.58%
  • occasionally

    14 18.18%
  • very frequently

    7 9.09%
  • daily

    11 14.29%
  • daily (IC)

    18 23.38%
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Thread: Do you wear diapers to work?

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    Default Do you wear diapers to work?

    We have several active threads on this topic and a lot of people are replying with yes/no/issues responses, but I don't see a poll on it, so lets get some numbers.

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    I put "very rarely", but to clarify: I did it a few times and have no plans to do it again. Of course, moods change, but as somebody for whom diapers are a turn-on, I find it a bit difficult to focus on other things when I'm wearing. I'm sure that could learned through practice, but then the same might also lessen the anticipation of wearing, so...

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    I put "occasionally", although right now it's daily. That won't last and isn't the norm, although over the last 12 months, frequently would fit better. I guess I'm still finding my new normal.

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    Suppose there is always at least one boring old fart.


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    I wouldn't say every day that I work, but very frequently seems a bit too low. I'll clarify with almost every day :p

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    I wear everyday unless i have something else come up

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    Sincw my wife knows, I wear to work every day. At some point I'll stop and do it as a special occasion

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