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Thread: Wore a diaper to school today.

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    Default Wore a diaper to school today.

    Hey guys! I'm currently sitting in study hall, and the school day is almost over. I'm 18, finishing out night school, by the by. Anyways, I decided to wear a diaper today. It didn't go badly at all. I have thicker diapers that are quite loud, but school is a loud place. I wore a pair of boxers over it and sweatpants, and made sure my shirt never elevated, otherwise the plastic on my back would show.

    It was enjoyable and a positive experience. I may start wearing 24/7 for awhile. My goal is to shrink my bladder. Not achieve incontinence, but push myself to be a little desperate if I drink without a bathroom nearby. That may take quite awhile though. We'll see, I just thought I'd share my adventure.

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    Wow, what an exciting adventure!! Hope you enjoyed it so much.


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    Yeah people are in a coma, you could let your shirt ride up and most would still be unaware, now i wear diaper pants but if i didnt they still wouldnt know. Enjoy your diapers at school at home,at work it doesnt matter ,go padded. With your G/F you may not it gets in the way of spontaniety, although my last G/F would undress me undo my diaper wash me up and then go at it,with just a towel covering the bed. Find someone like that and she is a keeper. As to shrinking your bladder it will take alot of work,my Doc and i have been at it for like 16 years with a catheter 5 X's a day and have only made a small diffrence, he had hoped to have a 20 to 50 cc bladder by now,but my bladder has been resistant to shrink much,we did get my prostate to shrink but that was done by drugs,i still use a coude catheter just in case, in 2014 my system had a fit and i could not get a cath in and it took 4 uro nurses to foley me,he scoped me later and found nothing.

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    I wish I had worn when I was in school because it would've made class more interesting. I wear to work and I have a lot of the same safe guards. I can't wear sweat pants and I don't wear any panties over it but I do wear an undershirt to cover my diaper a bit more. The biggest challenge is when I wear a skirt because as a secretary I almost always am up making copies and people try and get a glimpse up it whenever they can. Keep fighting the good fight!

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    If I were a girl I don't think I'd be brave enough to just wear a skirt over a diaper.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfox View Post
    If I were a girl I don't think I'd be brave enough to just wear a skirt over a diaper.

    I'd be lying if I wasn't scared of being caught. The thing about skirts is that they make you look professional. The other thing is, some of my pants would show an obvious bulge. With skirts you have some breathing room.

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    I guess it's a good thing kilts are no longer in fashion.


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    Lol. It's hard to explain everything to some one who hasn't worn a skirt before. The other big advantage is easy diaper changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfinBeachBum View Post
    and made sure my shirt never elevated, otherwise the plastic on my back would show.
    You should be able to roll/fold the plastic back down inside the diaper to help minimize that. I've found that not only does tucking the loose plastic in around the openings cut down on visibility, but it also cuts down on noise too.

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    I'm glad it worked out for you! There is nothing wrong with wearing a diaper if you want to.

    Just be careful and considerate to your own privacy. Also, be careful of using your wifi to visit sites you may not want people knowing you have visited on campus.

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