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Thread: SKDs v2 or ABENA M4s

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    Default SKDs v2 or ABENA M4s

    So i ran out of diapers
    and i am not going to get more till after the 24th which is when i get paid.

    But I am stuck btw SDKs and Abena M4s. I dont know what to choose?

    What are you guys opinion?

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    I would recommend the Abena. I use Abena M4 everyday, pretty much my go-to diaper. I don't know much about the SDKs but $78.99 for a case 40 SDK diapers is pricier than $59.95 for a case of 42 Abena M4, get more diapers for less. SDKs have the cute print, the big single tapes and are probably more crinkly and more absorbent. Abenas are more medical in design are a little less durable and clump with extended wear, but are cheaper. Pretty much you're getting what you pay for, quality or quantity.
    tbh, If I were shopping towards ABU I'd just get the Space diapers ^u^

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    I've always kept Abena m4's in my stock (they are a staple diaper) I will be receiving my 1st package of sdk 2.0's today, I will be able to give an accurate comparison later. My other favorite diapers are tykables and dry 24/7.

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    I've just received my sdk's, so far so good, I definitely understand why some don't like the new type of plastic cover, no big deal to me though. They are nice, now we'll see how it holds up

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    i want to say that the absorbency is equal to or slightly greater than the Abena m4's, mind you that I'm a sdk larger though

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    If you can manage with the single tapes, I'd recommend SDKs.

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