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    This was scary as hell, I woke up and 5 police were at my house dismorning, thought it was for something else.

    Nope, they legit mixed me up with someone and thought I robbed next door, checked my id and my room to make sure I didn't steal anything

    The funny thing was the stolen equipment they were looking for, were a computer a laptop, I only have my computer which is mine.

    They didn't find my diapers, and I had a laptop bag on my floor, but that was from a while ago.

    Scared the hell out of me, had a massive panic attack.

    What peed me off was they kept suggesting I broke into a house and stole crap, I Just woke up and can barely see anything..


    and motorbikes
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    Dirty pigs. I want my tax dollars back

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    Apparently I matched the description.

    Eh, I look like I just woke up, and I don't even look physically able to lift a computer, let alone, rob somebody.

    I found it hilarious how they thought it was me.

    I was confused as hell, had police look at me, and my mother look at me like I did something, thankfully she knows I didn't, also apparently a bike went missing too.

    so apparently I'm a very strong skinny 18 year old now.

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    I had an incident one time where I was stopped at my local mall. An officer was rooting through my bag, asking if I was dealing heroin. The only thing they found was a set of Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks XD

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    If you're nervous or scared, the jerks will accuse you of being a drug addict >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    If you're nervous or scared, the jerks will accuse you of being a drug addict >.<
    and having diapers laying around, doesn't help :P

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    The one I had was a cop knocking at the back door. I opened the door and 4 other cops with guns drawn came out from the dark/behind trees.

    I talked to them and cooperated. They had the wrong house. It was the one next door. The caveat is that this is in the out in the farm country so the address was 250 numbers larger then ours and a good 1/2 mile away.

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    Because of my training and the things I've seen I'm neither amused nor impressed by little fucking punks that carry a gun and badge. I had a cop give me shit the one time for pulling into a parking lot thru a one way exit only. I basically told him that I would mop the parking lot with his face because he was off duty and wearing titleist golf clothes. My exact words were " you better get the fuck out of my sight "titleist hat" before I rip you out of your car and beat your ass all over this parking lot" I repeated that 3 times before he finally drove off defeated. All of this happened 200 yards from a state police barracks, lol. I snapped on him because I was in a bad mood, but obviously after a solid win like that I was happy the rest of the day.

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    I think young males get abused by police more than any other group. When I was just out of college, I was driving with friends and went through a yellow light. I got pulled over by the Kent State Police. This was a couple years after the shootings. This big stupid cop had me spread eagle across the hood of my car and told me the last young punk he busted had given him some grief and now he's in the hospital. Then he and his buddy said we could go to jail or give them all our money, which we did.

    I'm sure he's dead from over eating and had a massive heart attack. I hope he's enjoying hell.

    Now I'm older and I have friends who are lawyers, as well as some who have done work for me in terms of wills and power of attorney, etc. One who is a personal friend is also head of the Republican Party for Lynchburg. But oddly enough, I don't get stopped and frisked anymore because I'm 68 and drive a Honda Pilot instead of a convertible built for the track.

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    I've known felons with guns who were more trustworthy than any cop I've ever met

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