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    Default Hi ADISC!

    I'm currently in school to become a social worker, and I hope to become a therapist with my social work degree. I am pretty shy, but once I'm comfortable around new people, I dont stop talking!

    I'm a DL, but since I share an apartment with people, it's pretty hard for me to get ahold of premium diapers. I'm not super into the AB side, but I definitely enjoy wearing when my roommates aren't around.

    I love to dance in my spare time! I mainly do ballet and modern, but I can also do acrobatics and jazz. I'm also really into music and can play three instruments. oh, and I LOVE animals! I wish I could have all the puppies live with me.

    I guess I'm looking for support, I'm also looking for friends. It's nice to get to know others with my same interests.

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    Hello welcome to adisc hope you enjoy it here and make some new friends. I don't live alone either so I know how hard it is to wear when you want to. To get to know you better what kind of things do you like to do for fun?

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    Welcome, Poptart! I've found that this group is super great for support and conversation with people who I've never even met, especially since a lot of DLs don't know another in real life (myself included). You're going to love it.

    If you don't mind me asking, what three instruments do you play? I'm actually a musician myself. I play almost anything, primarily piano, guitar, clarinet, trumpet, and sing. What kind of music are you into / who's your favorite jazz artists?

    And lastly, favorite dog breed? Mine's a tie between golden retrievers/labs and huskies.

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