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Thread: Hello from me!!

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    Default Hello from me!!

    I have put off doing this for a while but now I will.

    A little bit about me:
    I'm a 16 year old male
    from England
    I'm a TB and DL

    Ok, so I first started having these thoughts a few years ago, I must have been 12. The first time I masburated was caused through me rubbing up and down my pants (briefs ) and so that's what I associated with masburating to begin with.

    One day I stumbled accross daily and suddenly became interested in this. Over the next few years I found more sites, mainly and then adisc.

    During those few years I've had a few experiences: I've worn multiple underpants (old and small) wearing a bag over the top and pooed/wet them but unfortunately I've never worn real diapers/nappies. I try not to do that anymore as it's hard to clear up and I feel really guilty afterwards. I sometimes enjoy sucking my thumb or wearing little boy pyjamas or pants to bed. I've even weed in a potty before! I wear boxer-briefs for ever day life though.

    This is a very sexual thing for me and if I come on a website like this or do soemthing it usually always ends with a bit of naughty time..hehe. Although this is unrelated I am unsure of my sexuality- I definetly like girls but have had sexual thoughts about boys in the past but that's something that willl become clear as I get older I'm sure

    That's about it for me....outside of this I enjoy theatre hugely, film, music and several sports, mainly rugby and tennis.

    Please reply!

    Love me

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    Well welcome to ADISC!

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    Ok, following the theme, I will say "Welcome to Adisc."

    Then: welcome to our community (it's what I usually say). We're a diverse bunch, but friendly and open to new people who like some or all of the things we do. Just look around and find conversations that interest you, then put in your own thoughts. Soon we will come to know you better, and you will know some of us too.

    Again, welcome !

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    Hey, welcome, and I hope you get to try actual diapers some time!

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