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Thread: What diapers show wetness the most?

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    Default What diapers show wetness the most?

    I've always been disappointed that when a diaper is wet, it's almost impossible to tell. Are there any that show better than others?

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    Have you tried "my diaper night" brand?
    They show pretty well the wetness

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    Seconding tranquility ATN. They get really squishy when wet, and tend to feel wet to the touch on the surface as well.

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    When you say “show wetness”, is that something in addition to swelling?

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    M4's show the wetness well. The blue lines turn green then disappear when wet.

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    An obvious choice is pull-ups because of the "fade when wet" designs.

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    Depends 'protection with tabs' show every single drop of moisture :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soakingboy View Post
    Depends 'protection with tabs' show every single drop of moisture :-)
    Although those depends are the only ones I've tried so far, I have to agree with you. The first time I wet one I was very surprised at how much wetness it showed

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