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Thread: Exhibtionism?

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    Default Exhibtionism?

    I have found that I get quite a thrill walking around in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt in my backyard. I also enjoy doing the same on my couch in my living room which is within view of the street. I live in a subdivision with many houses, and the subdivision behind me has full view of my backyard. However, there is a small stand of pine trees between my backyard and the other subdivision.

    So far I only do this at night, so the chances of being seen are rather slim; still I get a rush from it. Especially walking around in my backyard wetting. In public, I'm always making no one will discover me; but I feel like on my own property I shouldn't have to worry and the chance of someone seeing me walking around in a diaper is exciting! Anybody else?

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    I see this as a "No-No".

    Here in Salem, NH one of the members of the Town Planning Board showed up at a teenaged girl's house in Windham, NH in just a diaper and got hauled-away by the police, and is now in jail.

    No thank you.

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    If I understood your story correctly, you're saying the board member showed up at the girls house in just a diaper? I can see why this person got hauled to jail! However, if I'm on my own property I fail to see how it would be a problem as long as I'm not dancing next to the road and flaunting it!

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    Not to mention Depends basically encouraged people to walk around in just diapers and a shirt with those "underwareness" commercials.

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    Really big difference in what you do in your home and back yard.. and showing up to a girls house in a diaper. I see nothing at all wrong with what you're doing. I've done the same more than once.

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    I've walked the dog in my back yard diapered and wearing a onsie. I didn't turn on any lights so no one could see me. Of course it was late and there wasn't anyone to look or see, plus I have a large yard. Still, it's the thrill of the thing. I think there are psychological reasons for this, perhaps rooted in shaming from when we were very young. There's always a reason even if it's invisible.

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    As much as I wish it was completely acceptable to be out in public attired as such (and can't see a reason for it not to be) be careful DPRLuv85 if it goes beyond your home you may wind up getting negative attention, labelled, arrested, ostracised etc.

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    I don't think I have the stones to ever show my diaper in public, nor do I have any real desire. You're right, the last thing I want is to create any negative attention to diaper wearers; there's already too much as it is. The only times I've seen ABDL's in the news has been negative, I don't want to add to that stereotype by flaunting my diaper in public. However, at home I think if someone did see me they would think two things: 1) they would think that I have an actual medical need for them, especially since most people aren't even aware of ABDL's and 2) they would probably think that I thought I can't be seen because it's dark.

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    I'm already anxious enough wearing a simple Depends out in public, let alone a more premium diaper, let alone without pants over it. I would die being caught in just a diaper outside of my house!

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    People are just so close-minded. You should do whatever you want in your own property.

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