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    So, first off I apologize if I'm posting too much, I just have a lot of questions.

    Anyways, I'm new to the whole ABDL thing. I mean, I've always had an interest in it but only accepted it as part of me very recently. I have a few questions about being a Little. First off, next month I'll have money again, and I'm curious what any of you would recommend buying. I want to get a pacifier and possibly a bottle, and some diapers. For now I'm just going to get these things from Walmart as I don't want to spend too much money right off the bat. I was also wondering what other things you like to buy.

    What helps you get into the little state? I feel I might have a bit of trouble at first since I tend to be very stressed and having issues relaxing and just feeling at ease.

    Also, I noticed most littles also have a mommy or daddy. I would kind of like that, but I'm not sure. Besides, my husband isn't really into it and I'm not going to force him to do anything he doesn't want to. So, could I still be a little if I didn't have a "daddy"? And if so, how would I go about being a little by myself?

    I'm sorry I have so many questions. Thank you in advanced for the help!

    (On a side note: This probably isn't relevant in this case, but for me personally being an ABDL is not sexual, but a form of comfort. I'm not entirely sure how to explain. Is there anyone else who is a non-sexual ABDL?)

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    Actually, there's plenty of ab's/littles who don't have a mommy or daddy. As for getting in the mood/being a little by yourself, you could try things like coloring or watching cartoons - and a bottle or a sippy cup to go with it's nice too.

    AB/DL is a comfort thing for a lot of people; sometimes it's both comfort and sexual. For me, it's easiest to say AB me is for comfort/emotional reasons, while DL me is sexual in nature.

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    Hey hime and a massive warm cuddly welcome to ABDL. I thought I would post to your thread as I myself am very new to being an ABDL. I have been wearing Nappies for 3 months now, well not wearing for 3 months but ordered my first ever adult nappies in January as I wanted to wear them so much. Last month I bought myself my first ever pacifier and this is why I chose to post to your thread. A pacifier for me is the most comforting and nicest feeling ever, I have completely fallen in love with mine and I use it more and more often everyday. I could be anxious and depressed and when I reach for my pacifier I immediately feel a huge feeling of lovely comfort. I cannot fall asleep with one, just like I can't fall asleep with a Nappy on but that is only due to still living with parents and afraid of being caught. I do however suck my pacifier when I get into my bed at night time and use it to really relax my whole self and I just take it out and then I am asleep within minutes from the amount of comfort my pacifier gives me.

    As for relaxing and allowing yourself to be happy etc, I can more or less promise you as soon as you start sucking your pacifier it will feel just like heaven, it just feels right as it is so lovely and that's the same for Wearing Diapers, they are so incredibly soft and cosy and cuddly and ever so comfortable, you should just get an overwhelming feeling of "Ahhh my Diapey is so nice and comfy, I am happy in my Diapey"

    I wish with all my heart the very best for you and enjoy the super cosy comfy times to come to you

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    Hi Hime. I think getting into your little space happens when you are willing to release all those inhibitions and just feel, "I want to be a baby. I am a baby" or toddler or whatever age you feel that you are.

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    First - there are never too many questions. It's one of the best ways to learn.

    Second - as has already been pointed out, many (including myself) do not have a caretaker/mommy/daddy figure around. Most of us would probably like it if we had one but let's face it, most people you meet do not want this type of relationship. And as you pointed out, your husband is not into this like you are. You are right in not forcing him to be - that could really hurt your relationship. He may come around at some point in the future but never force something on someone else.

    Finally - I think getting some diapers is the first thing to try. Getting a bottle and a pacifier is next on my list of 'must need' items. From there, almost anything is game and depends a lot on what it is you want to do. Some ideas are: plushies, coloring books, paints, small toys, clothing, formula, baby food, baby or toddler plates, bowls and utensils.

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