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    My wife is out of town this weekend and I was originally planning on not wearing diapers this weekend to get some control back after wearig 24/7 since Decemeber. Well, I'm even more excited to continue wearing. It's fun wearing around my wife but more relaxing when it's just you. Like the old days when my wife didn't know.

    Anyways, getting ready to shower, fresh diaper, onsie and wear my favorite footed pajama until Monday morning and order take out and watch Disney movies all night. Yup! Commence operation feet up!

    Anyone else have big plans this weekend?

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    So, I got pizza delivered and as I opened the door I realized I was wearing my size smaller footed pajamas and forgot to change. Talk about embarrassing and awkward. he played it cool but ya.... That just happened .... Ugh

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    I'm going to take a nice bath, maybe in a diaper but it's undecided. Then I'm probably just going to watch Netflix.

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    I used to do that when wife, myself and family were younger. She would take the kids and drive to Florida to visit her parents, giving me the week home alone. I made the most of it.

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