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Thread: I worry about myself, and my mental state.

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    Default I worry about myself, and my mental state.

    Hello everyone, The thing is You know i have been stressed Alot, well some of it is becuse of my grandmother, who means well but, She is a Type A personalty and i am Not, and my brother who the less said the better. The thing is she took away my laptop yesterday, which got me all stressed for my grades (Which in case your wondering where i was yesterday, There you go.) Anyway, my grandmother is always on me for not acting normal, My brother gets me so upset and everything else just got to me, that i kinda got upset and said a bunch of things that were true, yes but still i shouldn't have said them. And this isn't the first time this happens, You see i do have a stress limit, and my brother with his not care attitude and his behavior, combined with me wanting to help him but can't, causes me stress and combined with everything, and pushing me too hard, I snapped and now like i said, my laptop is taken away until i get good grades, and i just want to be encouraged when i get stressed, but i can't be. Just like i want to be little but can't. I just went too far, and i try to help myself and it's hard when i get that way because my laptop was my only escape from my dull, boring, Horrible reality, and honestly I need help. I am thinking about getting therapy, but Is there anything i should do to me for help myself, and if so what?

    P.S Don't Worry I am not Leaving yet, I am just coming when i can.

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    Sunshine and hard physical exercise. Whether it be a long walk, a bike ride, whatever. Time away from the screens, away from your brother and grandmother, generate some endorphins. I guarantee things will look a lot better. It'll even be easier to sit still and concentrate on your schoolwork.

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    Listen to Maxx, he's right. I do it when I need to vent or just get rid of excess energy to focus straight.

    As for counselors, you'll know it when you need one. Do not disconsider that as helping yourself. (Your professors, if they care at all, will pick up on this need very quickly. They're paid to be observant of their students. (In general, schools get penalized in some way for failing too many people, which works back to professors except tenure, so they've an ulterior motive to see your grades high. Exploit that.)) As speaking here about your stress has shown you, it can be helpful. Having a confidant, such as a counselor, can give you a safe outlet for discussing things which you wouldn't otherwise be comfortable sharing. (It isn't like this isn't a Support forum or anything, but there's only so much you can hope to have an uninterested party help with. I know I tend to stay away from these posts. Why I chose to respond to this one when I've ignored all others? just goes to show my point. (I'll PM you the full answer if you want it.) 9/10, will avoid again.)

    Dad and I are A and C, respectively. I've snapped a couple times, with terrifyingly good results, but that's what happens when you combine years of analysis with not caring what you say or do. You should work on finding a way to not let the snapping point get reached so that tension can reduce peaceful-like. As you've discovered, being grounded doesn't count as peaceful-like. Take the energy this has given you and put it to good work.

    I know this is a hard thing to do, but... don't try to help your brother. He doesn't want your help, so it'll never work. He'll eventually figure it out some other way, hopefully before he dies. Your failing at trying to help him is worsening your mental condition, so it needs to stop now for your own well-being.

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    Believe me having a therapist who is bound by HIPPA to not repeat anything you say is a great resource,wether you want to work on yourself or just rant ( rant in therapy circles is Emotionaly vomit) it gets it off your chest before you may "snap" it is absolutely the greatest thing to be able to dump your trash in a safe way to a "stranger" eventually you bond with them if you keep going,but in the early days just rant and a little whining may do you some good.My late Mom and all my friends are Psychologists and shrinks it helps because they dont internalize what you say or do in there office, when someone let my wife die alone on her couch because they would not check on her, i swore to burn this city to the ground and then choke the cops responseable the Coroner heard every word of what i wanted to do and never said a word to anyone else about it.

    Be carefull, be safe, and be sane you will feel better and more prepaired for your familys next rout.

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