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    Default Well met!

    Hello everyone, my name is Damocles (David irl), I've been fascinated with diapers and aspects of ABDL for as long as I can remember and am just beginning to branch off into communities such as these to
    chat with other like minded individuals. So greetings, a little bit about me: Currently I am a university student in Australia Studying film, I enjoy scriptwriting as well as acting and directing with
    a bit of editing on the side. I also teach and practice martial arts, currently I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-Do and have competed at the World Championships twice. In addition to these hobby's
    I also immensely love video games, I currently play: League of Legends, Dark Souls (1,2 and hopefully 3) as well as The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Warhammer 40K, Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Counter Strike,
    Garry's Mod, Hearthstone and on occasion World of Warcraft.

    In regards to the fetish, for a long time I was unable to indulge (what with living with parents and having no privacy). However now I have gotten right back into the lifestyle. It started back when
    I used to sneak out of my room and go buy goodnights at about 6 in the morning, and be back before anyone noticed, and now I simply order Tena's, Abena's, Molicare's and ABU products online, which is
    much less strenuous than climbing down a balcony at 6 in the morning. My ABDL journey has been a rough one, I was found out by my parents at around 12 and following that very awkward encounter I stopped
    for quite a while. The desire never went away, but everyone I talked to about it reacted in a very negative way, in fact, I thought it was an awful affliction to have, until the internet set me straight.
    And behold you have me, I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope to talk to you all soon around on the forums.

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    Hi Damocles.

    Nice to see another Aussie member join the community and that you have survived all that strenuous climbs to feed your fetish.

    Cheers FH

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    Hey Damocles, nice intro. Well done getting on board. Another Aussie, yay. Look forward to seeing your posts.

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    Boy with that "particular set of siills" i feel sorry for the little dirtbag who makes fun of you should your diaper be "spotted".

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    Welcome to ADISC! By W40K, I'm assuming you mean the actual miniature war game? If so, what army do you play? I used to play Dark Eldar back in high school when I had a slightly more disposable income!

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    Yes I did play the board game actually, I still play the video games from time to time as well.
    In regards to the army, I used to play either Space Marine or Chaos Space Marines, my friends
    and I would share our sets. But W40K is a bit too expensive for me to really play at the moment.

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